Shocking Discovery

Today I discovered that some people peel a banana by tugging on the stem instead of peeling from the tip.

I don’t understand how it’s possible to coexist peacefully with such dangerously weird creatures.

31 thoughts on “Shocking Discovery”

  1. Today I discovered that some people open a banana not by tugging at the stem… I am still not quite sure how that other way works…


    1. What does tugging on the stem even do?? And how do hold it once you got rid off the stem?? The stem us there for you to hold it without making your hands all sticky.


      1. We don’t get rid of the stem, it’s still attached to the peel (although you are correct that we don’t hold the banana by this, I just wanted to clarify.) And my hands never get sticky while holding a banana, I just hold the outside of the banana on the peel and everything works out fine…


  2. I used to be “peel from the tip” banana peeler, but my significant other introduced me to the other way (peeling from the stem) and that’s what I do now. Perhaps you need to give it a try?


  3. One should be entitled to open a banana any way they choose, provided they don’t crush the fruit in the process.
    I mean, you’re just going to eat the damn thing anyway ….


  4. Who is Clarissa vague blogging?
    a) N
    b) Klara
    c) colleagues
    d) students
    e) someone else

    If you are appalled by how other people open bananas, wait til you see how they eat pizza. Or fries with ketchup. Or… make coffee.


      1. IIRC, other primates (chimps, gorillas) peel from the tip.

        As for us humans, I know I peel from the stem because I think peeling from the tip might damage the fruit inside, near the tip. If you pull at the stem, you can get a cleaner peel. You can also end up smooshing the stem end of the banana and getting nowhere. Banana peeling endeavors are rife with smooshing danger, is what I am saying.

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          1. I will write out a step-by-step guide, go to the store, get some bananas and practice this new method. The tip about the little brown line is priceless.

            I’ll report on how it goes.


            1. I have taught my boys to select bananas at the store based on the absence of these lines. It means the bananas are less ripe (and need not all be eaten so quickly), and have been handled more carefully, so are less likely to be smushed up inside.


  5. I find weird that people dip pizza into sauce before eating it! What on earth? With ranch sauce? I have never eaten pizza that way in my life and I’m not starting now, LOL.


    1. Jesus. This is extremely perverted.

      Why does pizza need sauce? If it’s undersauced, don’t by from that place anymore. Pizza should be adequately sauced. That’s the whole point of pizza: a great sauce.

      I won’t even touch on the subject of ranch on pizza.


    2. Dipping pizza into sauce serves to hide the inferiority of the ingredients, especially the crust. If you don’t have a good crust you have nothing and it is the most time consuming part of making pizza. Most place over-cheese and sometimes over-sauce to hide deficiencies in their crust. #fightme


  6. “some people peel a banana by tugging on the stem”

    I wouldn’t call it tugging… I kind of jiggle the stem and then bend it where it meets the banana to create a rift and then I peel it from there, sometimes it looks pretty….. Freudian, as does peeling from the bottom (in a different way)

    I know that chimpanzees peel from the bottom tip but I generally don’t take dinner etiquette hints from lower primates (said in a snooty high society voice).


    1. OMG, the best thread ever. I’m thinking it will be one of the most popular ones, too.

      I wonder why we were never told how each candidate peels his bananas. This might make a huge impact on how we vote.


      1. You’re focusing on which end of the banana people start from.

        There are people who will buy bananas, open them, eat precisely half and then fold them over and put them back in the fruit basket. They will do this with all the bananas until there’s a bunch of half eaten bananas ripening/rotting in the fruit basket, which they will not eat. It never occurs to them to buy smaller bananas. Or put the other half eaten bananas in the fridge for later consumption.

        Other people will slice the banana, stem and all, with a knife.


        1. This is getting more and more complicated. I’ll never figure this out. It’s time to say goodbye to bananas.

          Does anybody have any inventive ways of eating watermelons? I heard some weirdos eat them without bread.


          1. “inventive ways of eating watermelons?”

            Once you find perfection (lightly sprinkled with salt and pepper) why keep searching?

            I do remember once I sat down to eat a different kind of melon (something like a cantaloupe) with a Pole and a Hungarian… and we all spontaneously reached for different eating utensils… (I think I used a fork, the Pole a spoon and the Hungarian a knife but I might be mistaken).


              1. ” I’d murder anybody”
                I can see the headline now… “Crazed ulta-violent Ukrainian extremist threatens violence to non-believers of her melon cult!”


      2. “I wonder why we were never told how each candidate peels his bananas. This might make a huge impact on how we vote.”

        I know this was said in jest but David Milliband lost his bid for the leadership of the UK Labour Party (left-wing mainstream) in part because of a picture of him with a banana. Do an image search, it looks extremely dorky.

        He’s from one of the socialist aristocrat families and his brother was elected instead, and he went off to New York to run Thunderbirds.


  7. You can also pre-slice the banana before peeling it. You take a toothpick and poke it into the banana and wiggle the toothpick around inside the banana to “slice” it. Keep doing doing that along the length of the banana in 3/4 to 1 inch increments. Good April Fool’s joke.


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