I Voted for Trump

I want to make this completely clear. I didn’t vote against Biden. I think Biden is a ridiculous candidate and Democrats have become a party that I can’t support. But mine was not a protest vote.

I voted for Trump. Not for Republicans in general but for this specific candidate. I voted for a fantastic economic team, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I voted for a kick-ass secretary of education. I voted for incredible diplomacy. I voted for the most peaceful US president of my lifetime. I voted for support for Ukraine, peace in the Middle East, and sticking it to Russia. I voted for two great Supreme Court nominations. I voted for tariffs and USMCA. I voted for the executive order against woke indoctrination and for the repeal of Obama-mandated kangaroo courts on college campuses. I voted for the best WH press secretary in history.

This is all gone now and it’s useless to sigh over the loss. But I wanted to make it completely clear what I voted for.

Mending Rifts

Yes, the wokesters have totally found humility and are ready to start bringing us together and mending the rifts immediately:

They will now have the perfect excuse to persecute anybody who hasn’t been cheering them loudly enough to the ends of the earth.

Do you feel the warm glow of togetherness? I sure do.

Woke Conservatives

Few things are as annoying as conservatives chirping excitedly that at least wokism has been defeated in this election.

How? How exactly has it been defeated by winning the election?

Well, the election showed that more people of color voted for Trump in 2020 than in 2016 so it must mean that they don’t really like wokism all that much.

Stupid, stupid individuals.

Nobody gives a crap what “people of color” really want. You are buying into woke lies when you assume that their movement is truly about doing things to please people of color.

The whole framing of the issue – if it’s white it’s bad, if it’s non-white it’s good – shows that you have already been conquered by wokeness. You are looking for legitimacy in a way defined for you by the wokesters. You have already lost. Your brain has been thoroughly overtaken by wokeness. This is precisely why you can’t even notice how badly you lost.

Sore Winners

Leftists (Democrats, progressives, wokesters, etc) are terrible losers. For 4 years we have watched their endless mega-tantrum over losing a single election.

However, they are even worse winners. We’ve seen them win one major victory after another in recent years, and after each victory they only became more vindictive, rabid, cruel, and demanding.

We Lost

We lost, wokeness won. Everything I’ve been warning about on this blog for years will now be accelerated.

The best advice I can give is learn the language of wokeness and prepare to beat your way into the small elite of the ultra-woke. Ideally, you should have a bunch of passports and some really good savings laid by.