I Voted for Trump

I want to make this completely clear. I didn’t vote against Biden. I think Biden is a ridiculous candidate and Democrats have become a party that I can’t support. But mine was not a protest vote.

I voted for Trump. Not for Republicans in general but for this specific candidate. I voted for a fantastic economic team, one of the best I’ve ever seen. I voted for a kick-ass secretary of education. I voted for incredible diplomacy. I voted for the most peaceful US president of my lifetime. I voted for support for Ukraine, peace in the Middle East, and sticking it to Russia. I voted for two great Supreme Court nominations. I voted for tariffs and USMCA. I voted for the executive order against woke indoctrination and for the repeal of Obama-mandated kangaroo courts on college campuses. I voted for the best WH press secretary in history.

This is all gone now and it’s useless to sigh over the loss. But I wanted to make it completely clear what I voted for.

47 thoughts on “I Voted for Trump”

  1. Not sure that anything is over when there are multiple lawsuits filed and Project Veritas breaking news about mail in ballot fraud in Michigan an hour ago.


          1. Just going to stop here and smile for a minute at the fact that someone called dead voters a ‘demographic’.

            Anyway they way it looks at the moment, they’ll keep on counting until the mess is so big that no one can understand anything anymore, which will make the courts seem more relevant in the next phase of the contest. The election has already been totally destroyed so anything from here on in is just political theatre setting up for the next act.


              1. Places like Australia work in that way and have the same problems with democracy/authoritarianism. Ideally everyone should move toward the Swiss model of partial direct democracy (imo) but sadly that isn’t compatible with imperialism, mass exploitation etc.


              2. One wonders if any system is compatible with the sheer size of the country we now have. I expect the end of cheap oil will also be the end of DC’s ability to administer the country in the manner we’re now used to, and things will re-localize to a very large extent. It could mean a breakup of the union, or just a drastic reduction in the role of the president.


              3. I don’t think that any system will satisfy most people these days. Too many people want to be too rich compared to everyone else. The result of that is competition that turns into conflict, which probably favours a breakup imo. Come to think of it, the following article seems relevant/interesting:



              4. Turchin’s interesting, and he seems right about some things, but at the same time… he also seems to be a classic case of someone who came up with an elegant theory, and now can’t divorce himself from that theory to look at things from any other perspective, even in places where the theory doesn’t hold up.


      1. “They’ll keep “finding” ballots until Biden wins in a landslide”

        Russia 1996 = United States of America 2020…..

        I don’t say that lightly and I have no idea how it looks domestically, but from abroad it looks pretty bad….


          1. Finally, who is really responsible for 9/11 and Sandy Hook? Since such conspiracies are so obvious to prove according to sore losers who don’t even know if they loss right now, it’s a good question to ask, isn’t it?


            1. What are you arguing here? That someone who believes in one ridiculous conspiracy theory must necessarily be wrong about everything? That the fact that a small group of people believe in a ridiculous conspiracy theory means that all belief in anything that even vaguely resembles a conspiracy theory is invalidated?

              What you’ve actually said is not an argument. It’s a nasty insinuation without evidence.


  2. All of those things. Plus the executive order on federal architecture. It may seem petty, but I think it speaks to the very heart of America’s biggest problems right now: the wealthy and overeducated thinking they can and should lord it over the rest of us, “for our own good” without reference to what regular people actually want. Also the (unsuccessful, but who else has even tried?) executive order on medical pricing transparency. Same deal.

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  3. Like

      1. // Why is everybody quoting this to me and why does it matter?

        I am sorry. Haven’t seen where it has already been shared.

        I saw this on Mike’s blog and thought it was the latest development re workers’ rights in the new economy.

        That’s why I quoted it.


        1. What worker rights? California is locked down hard. There are no worker rights while the schools are closed. It’s beyond insane to expect people to vote against Uber and Lyft while the economy is shut down. All that people can do to scrape by is drive at night while the kids are sleeping. That’s the only real issue here. Reopen the economy, open the schools.


      2. “why does it matter?”

        It’s emblematic of what the democrats have become – nakedly hostile to working people and offering meaningless platitudes as they rob them…


  4. This site is of mixed quality and he’s way off on some issues but when he’s right….


    money quote to dems: “In the 21st century, that is what you’re looking the other way for (…) It’s to elect a neoliberal warmonger whose primary goal will be to cut a bipartisan deal with Congressional Republicans to gut what’s left of the welfare state, de-industrialize the economy, and sink more money into failed militarism abroad (a la Clinton and Obama).
    Democrats have truly become the worst of both worlds, corroding all norms of fairness in the naked pursuit of power, while not only delivering nothing to the common people, but acting to strip as much away from them as possible.”


  5. Not sure if the spam filter ate my comment but I stopped by to say hi and mention that I’m bummed Trump lost. Fuck the democratic party and everything it stands for.

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    1. ” Fuck the democratic party and everything it stands for”

      And the republicans, those idiots think they can discard Trump and his ideas and win with dead old Reagan era politics. What a bunch of clueless idiots, they deserve every bit of pain coming to them.


      1. Can the Republicans discard Trump? What’s to stop him running again in 2024? He would definitely win the Republican primary.


      1. I am, as the kids say, blackpilled.

        Used to think this whole woke shit was just some campus stuff that would remain on campus but I guess I was wrong. Cliff and clarissa saw it coming, I didn’t.

        What really broke me was volunteering a lot of time and effort for bernie and witnessing how Dems gutted his campaign. If the party has no place for me why the fuck should I be a part of it?


        1. And isn’t it just cute how they snuck in Kamala Harris? Biden, ok, it’s an insane choice but at least he had some African American support. But Kamala? After she bombed in the primaries? And now she’s the de facto president.

          Isn’t that just grand?


          1. It’s insane that a candidate who got 3% in the primaries, who dropped out of the primaries of her own state because the results would’ve been so embarrassing that it would threaten her senatorial re-election chances, who’s despised by even the african-american community (if you wanna go idpol), will be president in 12 months.

            This is a mockery of democracy.

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            1. And this is the best they could find? After years of how this will be such a crucial election, they dredge out Kamala?

              It’s a total joke. And I don’t even get it. What does she bring that’s so desirable? College professors like her but that’s about it.


            2. “will be president in 12 months.”

              The theory I’ve seen is that they’ll hold off as long as they can and have him resign around the midterms so that they can run her as an incumbent in 2024 (and 2028 if they can manage a win for her in 2024) . If he resigns too soon should wouldn’t be able to run in 2028..


        1. Our silent majority is really silent these days. 🙂 I think I’m scaring people.

          So good to have you back, SB. It brings back memories of a much more hopeful, more naive time.


  6. I voted for Trump too. I would not have voted for the lockdowns and the riots, but I would not have voted for any other Republican either.

    Trump is indeed a remarkable president, and I am sorry to lose him. He will inspire a generation of Republicans — he already is! I predict that in 10-15 years, he will be a figure like Reagan, and we will hear of “Trump Republicans”.

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    1. I wouldn’t have voted for any other Republican either. There’s now a bunch of folks saying that finally the Republican party will shed Trump but keep the people he attracted. Can you be any more clueless than that?


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