We Lost

We lost, wokeness won. Everything I’ve been warning about on this blog for years will now be accelerated.

The best advice I can give is learn the language of wokeness and prepare to beat your way into the small elite of the ultra-woke. Ideally, you should have a bunch of passports and some really good savings laid by.

45 thoughts on “We Lost”

  1. Republicans may still keep the Senate, so no major legislation gets passed and no court packing is possible. Also, the Supreme Court is now fully on the conservative side.

    This was not the blowout Democrats were expecting, and their poor performance with Hispanics will give them a lot to think about. Hopefully that puts some brakes on the wokeness side of things.

    I look forward to putting Trump in the rear view mirror and hope Republicans can field a more unifying figure in 2024. Biden is unlikely to run again and Harris is kinda terrible, so things are still kinda open ended.


    1. ” Biden is unlikely to run again and Harris is kinda terrible”
      “puttingg Trump in the rear view mirror and hope Republicans can field a more unifying figure in 2024”

      Kind of? She was so unpopular with (Democratic!) voters that he campaign stalled out before the first primary… and if Biden emerges victorious she’s sure to be the incumbent in 2024 (does anyone seriously believe they can keep the lid on his situation for four years?)

      The liberal-conservative dichotomy is old and dead and people are still counting on it…. the division is globalist vs localist, Trump became president in 2016 by being the only non-globalist in a huge field (Sanders was alos a localist and you see what the democratic machine did to him….) and the never-Trumpers are going to run on tired culture war issues like anti-abortion and pro-low-skilled immigration and balanced budgets and get squashed….


    1. No fuckery, just mail-in ballots being counted from heavily Democratic Detroit area. Mail in ballots tend to be Democratic, and they are coming from a Democratic stronghold.


      1. “https://redstate.com/brandon_morse/2020/11/04/michigan-ballots-n274829”

        All 138,000 were for the same candidate? Democratic stronghold would be 60-70, maybe up to 80%, 100 % is the result of fraud…

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              1. Respectfully, elections can be unriggable through a simple use of blockchain technology, which is the same technology that cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin run on.

                Many people have been pushing for that for a while but in this sad world, sometimes there are people who prefer failed systems that they can control/profit from running the place.


        1. “UPDATE: According to Drew McCoy, a spokesperson for Decision Desk HQ, this number was an error made on their part and not intentional voter fraud.

          “It was a simple error from a file created by the state that we ingested,” McCoy said.

          “The state noticed the error and produced an updated count,” McCoy explained. “Once they did, we updated the count accordingly. This happens on election night, and we expect other vote tabulators in (Michigan) experienced this error and corrected in real-time like we did.”

          Decision Desk HQ has reported that the errors have been corrected.”


          1. “the errors have been corrected”

            That’s good. The truly terrifying part was how many people (not here but on twitter) were trying to pretend that something that was clearly very wrong was actually a very reasonable result…

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    2. Not just Michigan. Also in Wisconsin, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. This will likely not be over until the courts have their say.

      Which sucks, but… if we roll over and accept that level of blatant election fraud, I don’t see the union lasting another ten years.

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    1. This is a great article. The only people I see being very unhappy are those that just love Trump as a person. Other than that, things are very open.


      1. Guys, it’s done. Fluidity is here, globalization has won, digital oligarchy is in power. Let’s not get bogged down in useless fantasies. Put your pronouns in your email signature and start reading up on productivity strategies.


        1. You’d have to be delusional to imagine fluidity, globalization, and digital oligarchy would not have won with Trump re-elected for a second term.

          Nothing will stop the digital oligarchy and globalization. Technology advances are the driving force of our times. Think of how the world has changed from what you remember from our childhoods. We now are starting to have the magic robot assistants that we tell what to do — the stuff of science fiction! The ability to pull out a smartphone and instantly look up any information, videoconference with anyone on the planet, or broadcast what you’re seeing to the world is beyond what many have imagined possible.

          Any political party in power will merely seek to utilize technology best for their means and skim off the top, so to say. Trump is just more vulgar and open about his corruption than others.

          The pronouns are the culture war part to keep you occupied. The productivity strategies and recording and quantifying every moment of your existence to maximize efficiency is here to stay with or without those.


          1. As I said maybe five million times, the role of Trump wasn’t to cancel globalization. No single person has that power. His role was to slow it down. Give us all a bit of time to prepare.

            What the point of pretending that this wasn’t what I’ve been saying for years can possibly be is a mystery.


            1. Eventually we’ll run out of cheap oil, and then globalization will no longer be possible. By then, the globalists will have made themselves so noxious, so reviled, that everyone will cheer the catastrophe.


              1. ” globalization will no longer be possible”

                It’s not possible now, it’s just one more impracticable ideology created by people who think they can change human nature… they can’t, which is why it fails for all but a tiny group at the top…


              1. One person couldn’t. The president of the US could and did. If he were unsuccessful in these 4 years, why would there be such a massive freakout by the beneficiaries of the globalization and the digital oligarchy?


  2. Btw, have you seen this about white men whom everybody from certain circles loves to hate? Interesting how they will explain this (what is your explanation? Why men and not women too?):


    1. I talked about it several times. The MAGA crowd got nothing. Kushner’s strategy brought more blacks and Hispanics but lost white men. This means a guaranteed loss of the election.


      1. “Kushner’s strategy ”

        I’m not into single person theories but…. Jared Kushner (and Trump’s blindspot regarding Ivanka) is the biggest reason Trump didn’t easily win.


  3. I enjoy your blog very much but I think you are being too pessimistic here. Yes Trump is probably going to lose but he is a terrible politician and the entire left nomenklatura were arrayed against him. Nevertheless Biden barely won, if that, and the Republicans will hold the Senate in a year when they had to defend far more seats than the Democrats. In addition, the Republicans will win a few extra seats in the House. This outcome tells how many Americans hate our would-be Blue overloads. A better politician can now take up the mantle of leader of the non-woke and, I hope, break their power.


    1. “A better politician can now take up the mantle of leader of the non-woke”

      You think they’ll let that happen. That’s almost charming. I fully expect moves that would de facto amount to outlawing non-woke politicians…. For all his faults Trump was the best (and possibly last) shot for a while.


  4. Don’t be too pessimistic! The Dems have to get in at some point, and now and in this way seems to me about the best way possible. Trump was a largely incompetent ally, and he supercharged wokeness, giving them a figure who could serve as evidence for their fantasies of how evil the US is. Now we have a chance to get someone competent at the top, and in the meantime, as woke nonsense impinges ever more on normal people, the chance of building a greater resistance increases. The fact that Biden looks to win by a whisker is also heartening. Given that polls had been pointing to a Biden blowout, I’m content with where we are. A huge proportion of wokeness is beyond the reach of the federal government anyway.


  5. You’re too pessimistic.

    1) We don’t even know who have won yet, and even if it would be a Biden victory this week, we could have a 2000-like scenario in Wisconsin. We have to wait.

    2) Win or lose, Trump has got enough to be in a virtual power mode the next 4 years, and 8 years if he loses. He could possibly return in 2024 if the Dems’ would continue this way.

    3) Without Chinavirus (and somewhat the failed wall), Trump would have won by a landslide. The Dems’ establishment knows that.

    4) The main goal for a politician in power is to be re-elected, and the Dems’ establishment knows that they cannot win without covid against Trump if they continue to support unhinged wokesterism. If they continue this way, ther will lose by a landslide in 2024.


    1. Honestly, who cares what would have happened? What matters is what did happen. Since this COVID worked so well, there will be another one. The new one will probably hurt kids, and then we will all beg to be locked up.

      We are all massively lucky that this current virus that’s being tried out is pretty harmless and doesn’t touch kids. Otherwise, it would be lights out for all of us.


  6. I’m going to sleep, folks. I’ll probably have nightmares. Both candidates are declaring a win, but I don’t drink alcohol and have no coping mechanisms…
    You did not have nightmares, Clarissa. You went to bed at your normal time and woke up undisturbed save for Klara’s milk o’clock.

    As for me? I did not drink and went to bed at the normal time. I avoided the news and the social media, opting instead for ’90s cartoons and ’80s quiet storm R&B. I relaxed my eyes with a warm compress. No nightmares.

    Ideally, you should have a bunch of passports and some really good savings laid by.
    You are already there I think with the passports and the savings. Aren’t you already telling everyone that they are appropriating Soviet era trauma to advance their agenda of woke snowflakery and religious Chicken Little-ism?


    1. Actually, I did have a nightmare. I was trying to speak Ukrainian and failed miserably. Then I overslept and almost didn’t make it to my 11 am class. Thankfully, students have no interest in the election, so the classroom was s great place to be.


  7. I dunno, Clarissa. It’s not over until it’s over. The voter fraud is very naked this year, and scads of crazy self-proclaimed “resistance witches” have been working up a sweat casting spells at Trump. Notably, they’re calling down justice, and demanding from the universe that Trump’s misdeeds be revealed and other such ill-advised things. I think the universe listens, and the universe will deliver. I have it on good authority that if you demand justice from the universe, you should expect to see justice manifested in your own life first: and woe to you, if you have treated anyone unjustly!

    Any way around, we are in God’s hands.


    1. Methylethyl, there is only one thing to do. You have to approach the resistance witches and say loudly “Behold! I now give to you these photographs of the depraved son in law of Donald Trump, the one called Jared Kushner! Take them to your allies in media, so that they might smite him!”

      Then give them photos of Hunter Biden with the face blurred out 🙂


  8. Well, don’t know who’s President yet, but I’m not not very happy about the election results!

    My fellow bastard Arizona voters approved state Proposition 208 by a 54% margin, doubling my Arizona state income tax rate from a reasonable 4.5% to EIGHT PERCENT — making it one of the highest state income tax rates in the country.

    Most of them won’t have to pay that highway-robbery amount, of course — but the Arizona Teachers’ Union (which gets all the tax loot) persuaded them to pass Prop. 208
    “for the sake of Arizona schoolchildren.”

    If I were 10 years younger, I’d move across the border into Nevada!

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    1. Arizona has, indeed, gone nuts. Even in Illinois we rejected the new state tax increase cynically called “Fair Tax.”

      Are the schools open at least in AZ?


      1. “Are the schools open at least in AZ?”

        Yes, but the various school districts are a bizarre mixture of “in-class” and “remote learning” setups, apparently depending on student-specific criteria (such as COVID testing results) that I can’t find spelled out clearly anywhere on Arizona Internet document sites. So I’m not sure how the overall system works.

        It’s one thing I don’t have to worry about — except that as of 2021 my taxes will be paying TWICE as much to fund it as they are now! 😦


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