Swapping Democracies

While Ukrainians are tying themselves in knots trying to have a real, honest, functioning American-type democracy, Americans are going out of their way to have a corrupt, fraudulent, laughable and dysfunctional Ukraine-style parody of democracy.

40 thoughts on “Swapping Democracies”

    1. There’s always the excuse that it’s just this one time and for a very, very good cause. But then it’s every time, and it’s worse and worse, and it never ends.


      1. Oh yes. It’s clear that if Team A plays it straight, and Team B cheats outrageously, then Team B wins. And then, absent outside intervention, Team B continues to win, every single round, until Team A starts cheating even more outrageously. Then it is no longer a game, just an exercise of who can cheat more, and better, until the original game is unrecognizable, and the whole table descends into chaos.

        Having anything worth winning depends on both sides playing by the rules. The DNC this year is in a race to see who gets to be king of the dunghill.


        1. That’s why there should be term limit not only on the president but also on the senators and house reps. Career politicians is what make the system disfunction. Also, lobbying should be illegal in the form it is done now.


          1. I think those things are part of the problem, and fixing them would help, but I’m not convinced it’s the entire thing. There’s still the problem of revolving-door employment between industry and regulatory agencies. I also think that the penalties for being caught cheating at elections should be very severe.

            But in the end, any law is only as good as its enforcement. And no quantity of laws can make up for the failure to transmit the culture that supported those laws… which has been in decline for generations.


    1. Have you not been reading DNC missives for the last few months, paving the way for their Big Cheat? Don’t concede no matter what. Red Mirage. Mail ballots for everyone, even though that’s the type most vulnerable to fraud.

      Clearly, the people running the Democrat party think it’s a good thing.


        1. Of course not. But the cheating used to be on a smaller scale, and engaged in pretty equally by both sides, so it tended to balance out in the aggregate. That didn’t make it OK, it just made it a stalemate.

          This year we have a different situation, where the people who’d normally be doing the cheating on the Republican side, are part of the old guard, hate Trump, and seem to be sitting this one out, while the ones on the Democrat side are going full-bore and cheating more outrageously, and more openly, than they’ve ever cheated before. Because they know that most of the Republican party is still legacy operatives who won’t bother about it, as long as it hurts Trump.

          Florida has been interesting this year. Normally the three counties in the Miami urban corridor are the most corrupt in the state. Every election has them pitted against the rest of the state, in a contest to see if they can manufacture enough votes to override the rest of us. But when DeSantis took office, he immediately fired the proven-corrupt elections supervisors in Palm Beach and Broward, and as a result, this year’s election seems to have been pretty fair and above-board. No obvious hanky-panky.


            1. The situation that is currently developing is an enormous embarrassment and a huge blow to democracy. That a bunch of weirdos spread weird stories about Sandy Hook is annoying but hardly as important.


  1. Actually, a corrupt, fraudulent, laughable and dysfunctional parody of democracy is how many non-American Anglos regard the American system.


    1. Yes, there’s definitely a whole category of smug Canadians and Germans who have a huge sense of superiority. But for us in Ukraine the US has always been an inspiration and a beacon of hope.


      1. “category of smug Canadians and Germans”

        Canadians I can understand. Since the unpleasantness of the American Revolution, we’ve always been smug about the fractious and unstable republic to our south. We were spot on in our early 19th century prediction that the whole hot mess would disintegrate into civil war at some point.

        But the Germans? Seriously?? What in the world could they have to be smug about???


          1. “Justin”

            So absolutely touché.

            (But we still own the absolutely best Rocky Mountains… and Canada also goes from sea to sea to sea, so take that!)

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            1. ““Justin”
              So absolutely touché.”

              I have a friend who tends to refer to various nationalities by characteristic first names, so that male Germans are Helmuts and females are Helgas, the Dutch are Jopy (from Joop) etc for me all male Canadians are now Justins. Who’s the most embarrassing female politician (or just high profile female embarrassment…. Celine?)


              1. “Who’s the most embarrassing female politician or just high profile female embarrassment”

                Sorry, so many, many, great choices… and frankly, being Canadian, I’d hate to hurt anyone’s feelings, so very sorry but…

                As for “Justin,” I doubt he’ll ever be as famous as Bob and Doug McKenzie so “Bob” or “Doug” or simply “Bob and Doug” might be a far better choice.


  2. “Hard times create strong men, strong men create good times, good times create weak men, and weak men create hard times.” – G. Michael Hopf

    Ukraine is somewhere between step 1 and 2, while the USA is somewhere between 2 and 3. Apart from that they’re basically the same thing imo.

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  3. So I guess I’ll find a good story about all of this Democratic voter fraud in a conservative newspaper or magazine like National Review? I look forward to reading it.


    1. Nope. National Review is not conservative. It’s corporatist. Whatever’s good for your multinational conglomerate is good for National Review.

      The Federalist is a good source for commentary, and The Gateway Pundit is good for up-to-the-minute reports of everything that drops, some of which will have to be corrected as more info comes in.


      1. The Gateway Pundit?? Relying on news from this publication would be the conservative equivalent of a left-winger like myself believing everything that Max Blumenthal says about Venezuela and Nicaragua.


        1. I wouldn’t suggest relying on TGP alone. It repeats a lot of rumor. But I find it useful whenever there is a big, rapidly-evolving situation, because it casts a large net. That means that some of what it sweeps up is trash, but it also means you don’t miss anything. They link to all their sources. And since Twatter is censoring things related to election fraud, it’s nice to have TGP snag things and repost them before they disappear . Federalist is more cautious and reliable, for sure. But TGP has all the rumors while they’re still hot. Do you have enough critical thinking to sort through and determine what’s plausible and what isn’t? Every tabloid-worthy scandal that ends up mentioned in more respectable right-leaning outlets hits TGP first.

          If you’re waiting for CNN to report it… you could get old and die first.


          1. “If you’re waiting for CNN to report it… you could get old and die first.” Yes, this is definitely true! 🙂

            I am not familiar with the Federalist, so I can’t really comment on the quality or accuracy of what they publish.

            If there is good evidence of voter fraud, then I’ll definitely change my mind on the issue. But I do find it hard to believe stories about this, because anyone who would attempt fraud in an election is risking prison time if found out, I assume.


            1. You would think, but it seems to be exceedingly rare for them to actually be charged or go to prison. Ours in Palm Beach and Broward county were simply fired, even though the fraud was not in question.

              I treat TGP as simply a more-convenient version of checking the most recent Twitter gossip. I don’t have to sort through it– it’s all in one place 😉 Federalist is more like journalism. I like the Washington Free Beacon, but they’ve been quiet on this one so far. I hope that means they are waiting to write something comprehensive, vetted, and thoughtful, like I’ve seen them do with other stories. We’ll see.


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