Two Identical Parties

This is why I don’t care a bit about Republicans:

What’s the point of voting for a party that has adopted the woke mentality of judging people as more or less valuable based on their physiology? We already have Democrats for that crap.

The argument that Republicans will win in 2024 so everything is fine is inane. For 40 years there was only a cosmetic difference between Democrats and Republicans. Trump changed that. But now it’s all back to two identical parties bickering over the invented issue of abortion. Who cares which of them wins?

I want a party where it doesn’t cross people’s minds to brag about physiology like it’s some sort of an achievement. I want a party that doesn’t see some physiologies as more virtuous than others. That whole mentality is poison.

16 thoughts on “Two Identical Parties”

  1. I agree. If the party could have been reformed by Trump’s positions there would be hope. I’m so disappointed that the woke anti racism re-education programs that would have hopefully gone away will instead spread further.

    I am also concerned about vaccine mandates and attacks on educational freedom. You may still hate homeschooling but I love being free of the corrupt public education system.


  2. I see your point about not playing on a field of your opponent’s choosing, but “racism is bad, ending discrimination is good” is a sentiment that most Americans agree with. As long as a plurality of people naively accept that progressivism = opposing racism and the only choice is between progressivism and rank bigotry, identity politics will continue to win.

    In response to this election, 1619-meister Nikole Hannah Jones has been ranting on social media about how latinos are now cast out from the circle of People of Color because they’ve failed in their sacred duty to fall into line and do what Nikole Hannah Jones tells them to. During the last few years, I’ve noticed a growing discourse about how Asians are also now also suspect in their POC status (and I discovered the hilarious term “white adjacent”).

    This is all good news. The more people and more diverse groups that the woke commissars kick out of their exclusive club, the better.


    1. That’s exactly the thing. You can’t win this game. To every statement that “minorities like us so we are the good guys” the immediate response will be that your minorities are not the good minorities and in fact the are deficient minorities, which only proves the point that you are a racist bigot who’s thrusting your substandard minorities in everybody’s face.

      There’s an article in The NYTimes today by Charles Blow that says exactly this.

      You can’t win this game. The only solution is to refuse to play.


      1. the immediate response will be that your minorities are not the good minorities and in fact the are deficient minorities

        Of course. But as this goes on, you approach a limit in which the only genuine authentic “people of color” in the entire country are Nikole Hannah Jones and Ibram Kendi.

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          1. “USSR, we had a small elite governing us for 70 years in the name of an imaginary proletariat”

            Any many gullible people in the west still believe the small elite’s cover story…


    1. Yes, he has. They keep finding batches of new votes for Biden. Hundreds of thousands of them.

      I’m from Ukraine, remember? I know how this works. This is exactly how it’s done back there.


    2. “Trump has not lost yet.”

      Maybe he actually won – who knows for sure – the level of electoral corruption in 2020 U.S.A. is truly staggering, even scary in a country that imagines itself to be a liberal democracy.

      But, with all the extraordinary measures they’ve taken (in plain sight) during the last year to fix the election in favour of anyone-but-Trump, it’s difficult to see how ‘the powers that be’ would allow an appeal to the courts to derail their train.


      1. Exactly. We lost de facto. Biden will be in the White House in January. Everything else is a pleasant fantasy.

        What’s worse, we are losing our democracy and shocking the world with a spectacle of third-world-style corruption and fraud.

        This is extremely embarrassing.


        1. “This is extremely embarrassing.”

          I’d say scary.

          There have been several instances in the last few decades where unified elites in the west have been given the big finger by the proles in referendums, elections etc. But this depended on the elites respecting democratic norms and institutions surrounding voting and elections however much they may have resented and hated the result.

          November 2020 U.S.A. is the first case that I can think of where massive ballot box stuffing and electoral fraud has proceeded out in the open and in plain view of all.

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  3. Could anyone please
    Direct me to the articles that are documenting the voter fraud? I’m inclined to believe it is happening but I’d like more details. I saw the project veritas video on workers stamping late ballots with prior date. So they just have bags of ballots somewhere they are bringing out wherever it’s close, in certain states?


    1. Who’s going to publish such articles? It’s all on Twitter and Facebook for 5 minutes until it gets censored. That’s the only place you can find some information.


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