Tacit Dissent vs Vociferous Affirmation

Here’s a great quote from Clive James about one of differences between the Nazi Germany and the USSR:

It was a mark, of course, of Nazi Germany’s relative porosity vis-à-vis the Soviet Union that it offered bolt holes in which it was possible to lie still and say nothing, as if silence were not treason. Had the regime lasted longer than its brief twelve years, Himmler’s steadily growing SS imperium and Bormann’s always more enveloping bureaucracy would have probably closed off the last chances of tacit dissent: as under Stalin, vociferous affirmation would have been the only survivable posture. But under the Third Reich a woman of Ricarda’s age and authority could get away with holding her rulers in contempt, as long as she wasn’t vocal about it.

It’s absolutely spot-on. Totalitarian regimes always get to the point of demanding vociferous affirmation from everybody.

Link of the Day

Here’s a great article on why we didn’t get our landslide in the Midwest and ended up losing the whole thing.

As I said many times before, the campaign made no effort to appeal to the MAGA crowd. So the MAGA crowd didn’t show up.

Everything else is a detail. The big picture is this. Absolutely nothing whatsoever done on immigration, and the MAGAs stay home.

Simple Explanation

Somebody on Twitter finally explained where the weird idea that Trump radicalized the Left came from.

These are people who don’t believe in individual responsibility. It’s not just a pose. They sincerely don’t believe in it. So if they feel XYZ, somebody must have caused it. They honestly don’t think they have any control over their feelings.

That’s it, that’s the whole explanation. It’s brilliant in its simplicity. And it’s impossible for a normal person to comprehend because a normal person doesn’t think that way. This is why this endless jingle of “Trump is so divisive” sounds so incomprehensible to us.

How to Live with Soft Totalitarianism

Here’s what I recommend as a survival strategy for those of us who are not too young and have families to worry about. This is how you exist in a soft totalitarianism without losing your mind and your livelihood.

1. Tune it out. Train yourself not to notice pronouns and slogans in email signatures, delete the emails about non-mandatory diversity trainings, and read a good book or compose poetry in your head during the mandatory ones. Make sure to ask at least one very sincerely sounding question at every in-person training to show your interest. Open your eyes very wide and nod aggressively. Go through online trainings very carefully. Don’t rush. Remember that the screen knows how long you spent in each slide. There’s no need to read them. Just stare with a sincere look.

2. Don’t argue. There is no reason or logic to woke fanaticism. All you are doing by arguing is giving them ammunition against yourself. Don’t engage at all. Smile, talk about the weather, and pretend to be a lot dumber than you are.

3. Learn a few woke slogans and practice reciting them with a sincere and stupid face. Choose a woke cause that isn’t repellent to you and learn its vocabulary. People will think, “ah, she’s so fanatical about the disabled genderfluid refugees of color that she can’t concentrate on anything else, poor dumb bitch.” That’s the result you are hoping for.

4. Read books, meditate, exercise, and forget about things like fairness, reason, and dignity. They are gone.

Eventually, the most fanatical wokesters will destroy the less fanatical ones. Then cynical profiteers will destroy the sincere fanatics. And then we will be free to learn something from this whole experience. Or not.

Soft totalitarianism doesn’t kill or torture bodies. Only minds and souls. But those we absolutely can conceal and protect. We will be fine if we stick together, keep calm, and learn to tune it all out.

Screwed in Illinois

In Illinois we are really screwed. On one side we have Pritzker, the maniacally pro-lockdown governor. On the other side, we have people whose brilliant idea to repair the state’s broken economy is to take free healthcare from retired public servants.

They are all angry bastards who want to punish some group they happen to detest. Pritzker hates mothers, restaurant servers, and small business owners. His opponents hate the elderly.

Other than themselves and their sense of moral superiority, I haven’t found anything these folks actually like.

How Elections Work

Here’s what I learned about elections back where I’m from. And I know that Americans are very very special and already know everything and the idea that somebody can have something useful to communicate is ludicrous but still I’ll try.

At the actual polls, you can falsify 10-12% of the vote max. Nobody falsifies 80% at the polls, not even Putin.

So if you are going in and you are not the establishment favorite, remember that your starting position is -15% or better yet -20%. This means that to win you need 65-75% of the vote. The moment you tell yourself that you need fifty percent and one vote, you have already lost.

Another issue is that votes are decided before people get to the polls. Putin fakes 10-12% but the rest is completely sincere.

This leads us to the another important point.

Whoever controls the media of mass communications always wins. The reason why Putin always gets his sincere 60% is that every TV channel repeats all day long that there’s no alternative to him, without him there will be chaos, thuggery in the streets, Nazism, and hey, there’s nobody better anyway. Of course, they never allow anybody better to appear on TV, so the illusion is complete.

So here’s a recipe in a society where soft totalitarianism has triumphed. Get yourself a TV network and shoot for 75% of the vote.

And forget the word “unfair” because nobody likes a whiny loser.

Aside from the part about the TV station, this is a great life strategy, as well.

Andrew Yang and a Worker Walk Into a Bar

💯 @AndrewYang
“The Democratic party unfortunately has taken on this role of the coastal urban elites who are more concerned about policing various cultural issues than improving [the working class] way of life”

… said the coastal urban elite Andrew Yang who has never appealed to anybody without an MD.

Bless his soul, the guy shouldn’t even be saying the words “working class” if he doesn’t want to look silly.

That’s the Democratic party in a nutshell. Always trying to speak for the people it has never seen, let alone listened to.

Fair Election

Oh wow, I just discovered that there are people who think that this election was fair and votes weren’t falsified in a way that made Putin green with envy.

This is really really funny to me. People who died in 1893 voted in this election, thousands of dead voters completely dedicated to Biden, 138,000 votes appear overnight and 100% of them are for Biden, late-night vote dumps, poll-watchers are being removed by force, people roll suitcases into polling stations at 4 am, Democrat pollsters “curing” ballots without following procedure and without any Republican observers, buying votes – but this was fair because it produced the morally correct result. As usual, it never occurs to the believers that the next time they will be defrauded to achieve a “morally superior” result.

This is truly funny. It’s especially funny that I now know how to say “vote dump” in English. Before, I only needed to know it in Russian.

P.S. It’s probable that the links will be dead by the time you read this. If you don’t understand why, can you please go away because you are stupid. I’m not particularly interested in the topic so I just grabbed some stuff in the first two minutes of looking. There’s tons more. But the subject bores me because I’ve been seeing it back home since the 1990s.