Fair Election

Oh wow, I just discovered that there are people who think that this election was fair and votes weren’t falsified in a way that made Putin green with envy.

This is really really funny to me. People who died in 1893 voted in this election, thousands of dead voters completely dedicated to Biden, 138,000 votes appear overnight and 100% of them are for Biden, late-night vote dumps, poll-watchers are being removed by force, people roll suitcases into polling stations at 4 am, Democrat pollsters “curing” ballots without following procedure and without any Republican observers, buying votes – but this was fair because it produced the morally correct result. As usual, it never occurs to the believers that the next time they will be defrauded to achieve a “morally superior” result.

This is truly funny. It’s especially funny that I now know how to say “vote dump” in English. Before, I only needed to know it in Russian.

P.S. It’s probable that the links will be dead by the time you read this. If you don’t understand why, can you please go away because you are stupid. I’m not particularly interested in the topic so I just grabbed some stuff in the first two minutes of looking. There’s tons more. But the subject bores me because I’ve been seeing it back home since the 1990s.

27 thoughts on “Fair Election”

  1. Here’s another potentially critical piece of the DNC/Never Trump RNC plot to overthrow our political system:


    Act Blue has taken in $3.5 billion in supposedly small donor donations largely from putatively unemployed Americans.

    Essential quote from attached article:

    “The Democrats have hundreds and hundreds and hundreds of millions of new dollars that never existed before…well in excess of a billion dollars…it is an avalanche of money. Hundreds of millions are being given to local election officials.”

    Hundreds of millions of dollars to local election officials in Kenosha, Madison, Milwaukee, Detroit, and Philadelphia.


    ActBlue’s $3.5 billion is on top of the Democrats’ big donors. It doesn’t include the half a billion or more from Democrats’ 50billionaire backers. It doesn’t count Soros’ quarter of a billion Open Society Foundation 2020 budget. It doesn’t include Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg’s legally questionable privatization of our election process by spending $400 million for unmonitored ballot boxes in Democratic districts only (an invitation to illegal ballot harvesting).

    [end quote]

    Remember how $200k of Russian money to troll farms creating hypnotic pepe memes supposedly helped throw the last election to Trump? That was the substance of the “foreign election interference” according to Mueller..

    It seems the Biden/Harris campaign may be flush with more Chinese cash than just the few million taken in by Hunter..

    The media and pollsters are already flaming smears in the gigantic impact crater they’ve made of this. If this story and these other poll corruption stories we’re hearing have leBgs, the Democrats and a good portion of the rest of our corrupt elite are finished.. Many people are going to jail.

    But it’s impossible to believe that they really think they can get away with this.

    Unless of course they intend to pull the trigger on civil war in the very near future, which is really the only sane explanation for the utterly sociopathic way they’ve been behaving since the Wuflu arrived..


    1. You are optimistic, I wish it was true that the elites are finished. Nobody paid for the Russia collusion, Biden with his “plausible deniability” is winning the presidential race, the woke will turn this country into a racist shithole in 5 years. This election is such a field day for evil. And if it wasn’t clear before, now it’s evident that what’s good about America is going away.

      I was never the type to say things like “I’m moving to … if … wins” but I’m seriously thinking about going elsewhere.


      1. If you want to be utterly cynical and pessimistic (and why shouldn’t we be?) there is really ultimately no where to run. That’s the terrible significance of the China x factor here. If China owns our elite (and they probably do, lock stock 172 Amazon warehouses full of barrels) there’s no reason to not expect full Chinese intervention in our conflict.. If that’s so, you have nowhere to run, nowhere to go. The NWO will be there to meet you, no matter what you do.


    1. Yeah. Well, if the cognoscenti in this country wanted an election that wouldn’t destroy the legitimacy of our democracy and republic by automatically causing half or more of the country doubt its integrity, they wouldn’t have allowed mail in ballots, or let the count continue for days past election day. But they did, knowing well in advance that it would be a disaster.

      Which leads me to assume that they did this on purpose, just like they’ve jacked us around with their stupid polls, their stupid economy destroying COVID policies, all their absurd racist SJW nonsense, their increasingly obvious contempt for the 1st Amendment ..

      It’s almost like they’re inflicting one psyops after another upon us, just to incite us to the point pf violence, or something.

      Know I’m speaking as a Catholic pro-life Florida Democrat who voted for Tulsi in this primary and Bernie in the 2016.

      This week I voted a straight Republican ballot, and for the 15$ minimum wage. I’ll take Donny Tiny Hands and equivocal right wing anti-war populism any day of the year over the incandescent corruption and eternal scorn for me, my needs and values exhibited by the war mongering plutocratic whores of the DNC and RNC.

      As an aside, if you look at the Florida results every thing and one I voted for won.

      I hope Biden does win. This coming year is probably going to be a disaster. He and Kamala are going to own all of it, and Mitch McConnell isn’t going to let them get a damn thing done. Trump will have been made a martyr, and in 2-4 years the populists will be out for blood. Perfect scenario by my lights: a discredited DNC and resurgent populism.

      Finally, this guy’s analysis (echoing Clarissa’s) is spot on: https://monsterhunternation.com/2020/11/05/the-2020-election-fuckery-is-afoot/

      Bush v Gore was the Dolittle Raid. This is gonna be Hiroshima. You can thank the media and DNC for it.

      This election is ending in Trump’s favor, whether he wins or loses. The establishment has just utterly delegitimized itself.

      To hell with the scummy oligarchic “elite” and all their mendacious craven bootlicking lackeys. Their credibility is nil, and their days very numbered. Viva Trump.


        1. None. No odds.

          And unfortunately this was the goal from the start. A one-party rule that can’t be challenged or contested in any way.

          I wasn’t being hyperbolic when I talked about totalitarianism. I sincerely believe we are going in the direction of late-stage Soviet-style totalitarianism.


          1. Yes. that’s why we may be facing massive civil disobedience, even civil war. I don’t pay much attention to Q, but I do wonder if there is in fact a significant schism in the military and intelligence communities over all of this, like Q says there is.. 2/3 of the country being armed with AKs and AR-15’s is great, but if the crap does clear the fan the pattern on the wall will be ultimately traced by whoever ends up controlling those server farms out in Utah and Colorado, and whoever is giving orders to the kids flying those drones out in those trailers in Nevada.


            1. “even civil war”

              Civil wars don’t happen where one side controls the commanding heights of the economy, the means of communication, and the intelligence/military elite.

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              1. Exactly. GSW is right. Let’s calm down and carry on. Time to forget about politics because national politics don’t exist in a globalized world.


      1. Good god, the vote counts ALWAYS continue after election day. Anyone who says otherwise is lying for political reasons or hasn’t been paying attention in previous elections. Dozens of states are still accepting and counting mail in ballots that were mailed by election day and they ALWAYS do that. It’s just no one is paying attention to or making a fuss about those additional votes coming in in Iowa or Oregon because there is no chance they will change anything.

        I used to enjoy this blog, but the quality of the commentary has just fallen off a cliff in the last few months.


          1. “This is all totally normal”

            Yes, absolutely and completely normal. It’s actually quite scary how normal everything has been for the last 4 years. And where things have been just a teensy-weensy bit abnormal, well, Orange Man Bad QED.


        1. People just want to see and hear what confirms their beliefs. Reason and everything else goes out the window.

          The fact that the votes take a long time to count is because they want to make sure they are valid and properly counted. There are many layers and levels of checking and verification that are taking place, but since this is going against Trump, then they scream fraud. If the opposite was the case and Trump was slowly gaining, the other side would be screaming fraud.


          1. “There are many layers and levels of checking and verification that are taking place”

            And that’s not including all the work involved in keeping ballot scrutineers out of the room where the counting is taking place while we do sufficient checking and verification of the necessary number of ballots to make sure our guy wins.


            1. If you’re so concerned about fraud, you should absolutely volunteer to be a poll worker. I have, and it’s eye opening the amounts of checks and verification that need to be done before a ballot is counted.

              The idea that massive fraud is occurring in over five different states, several of which are completely under Republican control, is absolutely nonsensical.


              1. “absolutely nonsensical”

                Call it whatever you will, but when ballot scrutineers are kept out of the counting room it can only be for one reason and when tens of thousands of votes mysteriously appear in the counting room many hours/days after the election, it can only be for one reason.


              2. It was insane to agree to voting by mail. Absolutely insane in such a large and complicated country. Of course, COVID was very conveniently right there as a perfect excuse.

                Since the election, COVID seems to have been cured.

                Not to worry, though, it’ll make a big come back soon.


              3. This election was obviously stolen. No amount of outbursts about how the idea is nonsensical is going to change that. It’s a stolen election.

                Now let’s all prepare to get reeducated.


        2. ” the vote counts ALWAYS continue after election day”

          Bits and pieces filtering in, mostly not potentially affecting the results….

          To quote from someone else: “In no other election have all of the crucial battleground states simultaneously stopped their vote counting when it had become clear that their enemy was going to win, then when the counting resumed the day after the election, magically there are 100K+ dumps of votes coming in that are 100% for their own candidate. And even then, they keep stopping and resuming in order to magically discover more batches of ballots that are preposterously in favor of their guy — with the preliminary count only to be announced a week or more after the election.”



  2. Thank you for bringing visibility to these issues, Clarissa. I also appreciate all the comments. The real question now is: where is our hope? We cannot put our hope in Trump or politicians. Where is one corrupt-free person we can run to? I run to Jesus. I may be a fool, but he is my only peace. He will sustain me through the Father.


    1. “We cannot put our hope in Trump or politicians. Where is one corrupt-free person we can run to? I run to Jesus.”



  3. Trump may have some success with the legal fights to turn this around. One thing the Democrats are hoping for, as they are historically used to, is the Republicans just rolling over, accepting it, and conceding the election for “the good of the country.” But Trump likely won’t do that and will exhaust all legal options first to ensure the vote was fairly counted.


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