Simple Explanation

Somebody on Twitter finally explained where the weird idea that Trump radicalized the Left came from.

These are people who don’t believe in individual responsibility. It’s not just a pose. They sincerely don’t believe in it. So if they feel XYZ, somebody must have caused it. They honestly don’t think they have any control over their feelings.

That’s it, that’s the whole explanation. It’s brilliant in its simplicity. And it’s impossible for a normal person to comprehend because a normal person doesn’t think that way. This is why this endless jingle of “Trump is so divisive” sounds so incomprehensible to us.

4 thoughts on “Simple Explanation”

  1. “where the weird idea that Trump radicalized the Left”

    Anybody who’s read any anthropology recognizes this as pre-industrial style magic thinking… As Mary Douglas once wrote (paraphrasing from memory) the idea that sometimes bad things happen for no particular reason is one of the great achievements of western civilization, freeing it from the need to assign blame for accidents (and to hunt down and burn witches which also follows from the need to find the person who caused some specific accident).
    It also seems to be one of the most fragile as it’s been under attack from both left and right for some time now.

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    1. Macron has correctly identified an existentialist threat that hiding behind Germany’s pursestrings can’t resolve.

      I agree with him on this point – I work in the UK for a French-owned company and we have watched the division and inefficiencies in France and have been wondering when it would no longer be possible to kick the can down the road.


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