Today is the anniversary of the Socialist Revolution that culminated in the creation of the USSR, by the way. The revolution is 103 years old today.

Portrait of an Artist as a Young Woman

Klara spent hours today drawing while I read Borges.

She draws or paints or makes collages for hours each day. This photo is from the midpoint of today’s artistic process. By the end, the whole floor was covered in pictures.

Left Alone

I have stopped following the news and am concentrating on my own intellectual, professional, financial, and personal advancement. I have new hair (evidence provided below), an ambitious cooking agenda for the weekend, a stack of exams I’m really looking forward to grading, and a pile of books freshly delivered by interlibrary loan.

If only people got out of my face with their attempts to congratulate me with the Biden win. I don’t want to exclude them from my life or stop being friends. I don’t want to convert anybody or morally improve them. I just want to be left alone.

“Learn to Code” Is Back

After a four-year hiatus, “learn to code” has made a comeback:

On ABC, Rahm Emanuel literally says a Biden White House should tell people laid off from retail stores like JC Penney to learn to code.

He actually said this. Amazing.

That’s how you know that Democrats are back in power.

But hey, you’ve got to appreciate the sincere admission that retail was dismantled on purpose using COVID as a pretext.

This will be a long eight years. I’m saying eight because after that Republicans will fade into insignificance, Democrats will split in two, and we will have a two-party rule again.