“Learn to Code” Is Back

After a four-year hiatus, “learn to code” has made a comeback:

On ABC, Rahm Emanuel literally says a Biden White House should tell people laid off from retail stores like JC Penney to learn to code.

He actually said this. Amazing. https://t.co/xlSnVi7445

That’s how you know that Democrats are back in power.

But hey, you’ve got to appreciate the sincere admission that retail was dismantled on purpose using COVID as a pretext.

This will be a long eight years. I’m saying eight because after that Republicans will fade into insignificance, Democrats will split in two, and we will have a two-party rule again.

22 thoughts on ““Learn to Code” Is Back”

  1. // Democrats will split in two, and we will have a two-party rule again.

    A “two” party rule of Democrats of different flavours? Considering what today’s Republicans stand for, it may actually be a great development.

    Want to share since I really loved this (and the Russian term for ‘woke’ is apt and associative for Russian speakers):

    Накануне американских выборов важно понять природу той идеологии, которая рвется к власти — и уже завтра может до нее “дорваться”. Старые термины тут не всегда работают.

    2. Начекизм (woke)

    3. Рационал-предатели

    Фашизм или национализм — враги разума, но не его предатели, поскольку они изначально бросают ему вызов.

    Рационал-предатели, опираясь на низшую форму рациональности, рассудок, предают высшую его форму — разум.



    1. What do Republicans stand for that’s so bad? Putting the ideologically non-conforming on persecution lists? Despising retail workers? Open borders? Riots? Looting? School closures? Destruction of police? Legalizing racial discrimination? (Look up California). Segregation? Hatred for Israel?

      Oh, wait. That’s our only remaining party.


      1. // What do Republicans stand for that’s so bad?

        Eliminating the separation between religion and state in practice, even if not in theory. Abortion is just one example. Living in Israel, just the thought of it makes me red.

        Calling anything left of Ayn Rand ‘socialism.’ I am for social safety net and am glad to pay higher % of taxes than Americans in order to support Israeli social welfare policies.

        Pretending to care for the common Joe while … see the former point.

        Lying to people by presenting simplistic ‘solutions.’

        Slogans like ‘our religion’ and ‘protect traditional American family’ which make me queasy.


        1. I honestly don’t understand this comment. You think that Republicans are proposing to repeal the first amendment? Or that the idea that abortion should be decided by the legislature and not the Judiciary is religious?

          As for pretending to care about regular people, that’s every political party in existence.

          What’s wrong with protecting the family?


          1. // I honestly don’t understand this comment. You think that Republicans are proposing to repeal the first amendment? Or that the idea that abortion should be decided by the legislature and not the Judiciary is religious?

            I think that working to control other women’s bodies because of one’s own religious beliefs is religious coercion.

            Religious coercion is the opposite of the separation of church and state.

            I live in a state with it and, unfortunately, it isn’t going to change in the near future.

            It is a barbaric, shameful practice which has no place in 21st century. Of course, regimes like Putin’s or in Arab countries around me also have no place, yet they sadly continue to exist.

            Not every law is democratically legitimate, even if a majority somewhere votes for it. As we know, democracy doesn’t mean merely ‘whatever the majority wants.’ Why is it legitimate for conservatives be afraid somebody may hurt their rights now, but for them hurting my rights to control my own body is an issue that “should be decided by the legislature”?

            I see how it works in Israel, where many religious conservatives are all too glad to trample my rights, but the moment there is the tiniest protest against exploitation and religious coercion, they present themselves as huge victims, besieged from all sides (despite controlling everything in Israel).

            // What’s wrong with protecting the family?

            Protecting the family is f.e. providing maternal and paternal birth leave, not what is described in the below quote.

            (In short, protecting parental ‘right’ to abuse kids and keep them ignorant, presenting housewifery as a great arrangement and talking how gays target their ideal heterosexual WASP unions.)

            Again, parental ‘rights’ to keep kids ignorant and teach them nothing except religion are wonderfully protected in Israel. 😦 When a few former kids from Haredi families sued the state for providing them with no real education, their suit was thrown out by courts. Too many interest groups would be endangered otherwise, so abuse of Jewish kids in Israel continues.


            // Arguing that the family—by which they meant the two-parent heterosexual unit with a male breadwinner and female homemaker—was under attack from Washington and Hollywood, religious conservatives partnered with the Republican Party to fuel a whole set of reactionary politics through the 1970s, 1980s, and 1990s that targeted feminism and the Equal Rights Amendment, public schooling and sex education, and abortion rights and gay rights, all through the language of “family values.”

            perhaps nothing inspired more fears in this vein than the implementation of sex education curricula in the nation’s classrooms, as the historian Natalia Mehlman Petrzela has written.

            In the years of the Obama presidency, religious conservatives began to move away from a family-values discourse, embracing in its place the language of “religious freedom.” Given the triumph of same-sex marriage and the nation’s increasing acceptance of homosexuality, the religious right’s shift away from talk of family values perhaps acknowledged that they had lost the argument over what a family looked like. Still, even if this language had fallen out of use, the fantasy of a totalitarian state working to distance children from their parents has continued to loom large in the conservative imagination.



            1. “what is described in the below quote.”

              To put it as crudely as possible, reading Slate in order to understand Republican policies is about as accurate as reading the Daily Stormer to get an idea about Jewish history……

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            2. Slate? Really? That’s a source of anything but comedy material?

              The BLM has the destruction of the nuclear family on its website as one of its top goals. That’s the same BLM that you have to enthusiastically affirm if you want to have a white-collar job.

              I don’t want to argue about this. It’s a waste of time. If people think Slate is a valuable source of insight, that’s their choice.


              1. // Slate? Really? That’s a source of anything but comedy material?

                Those are things resembling those I’ve read in many places, including on your blog. I googled trying to find info and this article was one of the first.

                Lets throw it out then. It’s still a trend that people who wish to outlaw abortion or were passionately against gay marriage tend to join the Republican party. “Family values” stands for those things among others. That’s why I don’t like this expression. In US politics, it doesn’t mean what I see as true family values.

                Unlike you, I do think Republicans may regain power in next elections, especially is Harris runs on the Democratic side.


              2. The only thing that Republicans might currently want to do about abortion is to make it an issue that’s decided by state legislature.

                There’s absolutely no interest in overturning gay marriage among Republicans. It’s not part of any platform and isn’t even discussed. At all. Nobody cares.

                The argument you are making is very outdated. Nobody cares about any of this anymore. People have moved on. What’s the point of rehashing ancient debates when there are many issues that are actually relevant right now?


            3. If we are going to use outdated party platforms as the basis of our arguments here, I’d like to come out as vehemently anti-Democrat, because of their support for segregation.

              Oh, wait, that’s not outdated anymore is it? So hard to keep track…


  2. // retail was dismantled on purpose using COVID as a pretext.

    I still don’t get how politicians can do only what 0.0001% of population in a Democratic society desires, even if those people are the richest and donate to the politicians.

    To be honest, “learn to code” = the traditional Republican slogan of “pull yourself up by your bootstraps.” Yet another way in which the difference between two parties is not as significant as sometimes presented.

    Also, I’ve been reading “have many passports” and so on after the latest American elections and started wondering … Does it mean you would rather live in my country? Or is Israel so horrible that all Israeli Jews should hide under the floor (cannot think of a better phrase now) from horror and start running away, thus realizing the Palestinian dream of zero Jews in the Middle East?

    Imo, both US and Israel are great countries despite serious problems. Since Israeli problems are so much more serious than US ones, if you’re in horror from America, what does it say by extrapolation about my country? 🙂 I know, not everything is about Israel, just was having weird feelings while reading your latest posts and now understood why.

    Also, if you’re pro-Trump now, has your opinion of Netanyahu changed for the better? Some compared him to Trump since both are Right-wing. Of course, Israeli news anchor said yesterday in a discussion that N is smarter, better informed and better politician. I tend to agree. 🙂


    1. Once your country has an average daily temperature of +5°C, we’ll talk. 🙂

      On a serious note, who needs a bunch of blond, blue-eyed Russian-speakers in Israel when even my 100% Jewish grandpa had to run away because of his Russian wife?

      I don’t dispute your right to have an ethno-state, but what’s it got to do with me?

      I don’t think people understood my point about passports. I’m not suggesting running away from political persecution. That’s all silly. I’m saying, be ready to get a mobile job and maximo your mobility.


      1. // even my 100% Jewish grandpa had to run away because of his Russian wife?

        Did she feel discriminated against socially or because of laws?

        Seriously, of course, America is the best choice for your family.

        I do wish some people were more welcoming to FSU immigrants who are not considered Jewish according to the religious law but who do join our people by seeing Israel as home, serving in IDF and so on. (Most people are welcoming imo.) I am also for changing religious law to accept children of Jewish fathers as Jewish. Being from FSU and with a Russian father, prejudice against not Jews hurts me as much as antisemitism.

        Would love to have several millions more “blond, blue-eyed Russian-speakers in Israel”, provided they had some connection to Jews and were willing to assimilate into our culture.


      2. Some things don’t change. You come back after a couple of years to find el exactly as mentally challenged as she was before.


  3. Unfortunately evening “Learning to Code” is not going to guarantee you a job in the US anymore. Programming jobs are going to India. Companies are laying off US programmers everywhere and using India-based contracting firms. They have been in process of doing this for a while now.


    1. There is still a lot of room between salaries in retail and in software engineering… Programming will stay, it will just not be an easy path to middle class. If I had a choice between retail or coding for the same money, I’d choose coding.
      Jokes aside, it is not easy to teach people coding even when these people are STEM students, so yeah, here Emmanuel is delusional.


    2. ” “Learning to Code” is not going to guarantee you a job in the US anymore”

      It’s not about jobs, it’s about humiliating people who question their impoverishment or who challenge you. This was obvious when people were suspended from twitter for telling newly jobless liberal reporters that they should ‘learn to code’ – twitter bosses recognized it as the verbal abuse it was…..


  4. I’m sure “Go to trade school if you can’t succeed in college” will be making a triumphant return soon as well…


    1. “Go to trade school”

      From what I can tell from Europe American trade schools (do they still exist?) are probably doing a better job of fulfilling their mission than universities which have turned into debt sinks for most students.


      1. A relative taught at a trade school for many years. The students who succeed in the field are the same ones who would have done well in college: bright, intellectually curious and hard working. And it’s a great choice for those few who aren’t interested in college or can’t afford it. But many are not able to get jobs after completing the program because they cannot do the work. You really do not want somebody who would have flunked out of English 101 fixing your boiler or rewiring your electric, and no company will hire someone who cannot demonstrate the relevant skills. And the sexism in STEM fields is absolutely nothing to what women experience in the skilled trades. It’s the same idea as “learn to code,” a way of signaling contempt for a class of people the Harvard educated do not understand and in whom they have no interest whatsoever.


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