Left Alone

I have stopped following the news and am concentrating on my own intellectual, professional, financial, and personal advancement. I have new hair (evidence provided below), an ambitious cooking agenda for the weekend, a stack of exams I’m really looking forward to grading, and a pile of books freshly delivered by interlibrary loan.

If only people got out of my face with their attempts to congratulate me with the Biden win. I don’t want to exclude them from my life or stop being friends. I don’t want to convert anybody or morally improve them. I just want to be left alone.

29 thoughts on “Left Alone”

  1. The new hair becomes you. And I fully appreciate your soul over aesthetics. Enjoy grading the papers and doing things that nourish your beautiful spirit. Don’t be discouraged. Read my latest blog if you have time.


  2. OT: You might enjoy finding out about the Polish celebrity that most reminds me of you…

    Magda Gessler born of a Polish-Italian father and Russian mother is a celebrity chef (and does a Polish version of Kitchen Nightmares). And she speaks Spanish (part of her childhood was spent in Cuba and she graduated from university in Spain). She has… unruly hair and her dress sense is in the same universe as yours….


    Here’s a short clip of her in Mexico, talking to a woman making mole….


      1. I feel you girl. The sheeple are way too distracted by whatever the media force-feeds down their throats, and not focused enough on their own lives, their own communities, and their own souls. Maybe if they would put as much effort into their surroundings as they do complaining on social media then we wouldn’t need to argue over who the next dictator shall be.


    1. Biden is called the winner by the MEDIA. Stupid people can celebrate, they are the living testament that propaganda works.


          1. Agreed! I spent the first three decades of my life with flat, limp, fine, almost-straight hair. It was really boring, and there’s not a lot one can do with it. After kids, some weird hormonal thing happened, and now I have big wavy hair, and I love it! It’s so fluffy!

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