Raising the Dead

I tried to share my preoccupation about the schools not reopening with a friend.

“Don’t worry!” she said brightly. “Joe Biden believes in science. He will soon cure COVID!”

That was when I decided not to share the news that a mutual acquaintance has recently lost her grandmother. I’m not ready to hear a happy report that Joe Biden raises people from the dead. I already know he walks on water but I need to let these great news in gradually.

Lutheran School

I’m thinking of sending Klara to the local Lutheran school for kindergarten next year. (Because it’s open. I need a real school with real teachers and students that is open every day.)

Do you think they will take us if we are Orthodox? How does this work? I have great respect for Lutherans. Plus, they aren’t going to be teaching any inclusion crap. Small classrooms. Student theater. Will they have us, though?

Sclerotic Orthodoxy

The quote of the day from Clive James:

The individual intellect, whatever its learned scope and range of interpretation, has no inbuilt safeguards against a hardening into sclerotic orthodoxy.

It’s up to every one of us to make efforts to avoid this trap. Many people fail to do so. It is precisely those people who have created the myth that there’s honor in defending a belief solely because they held it once in the past.