Raising the Dead

I tried to share my preoccupation about the schools not reopening with a friend.

“Don’t worry!” she said brightly. “Joe Biden believes in science. He will soon cure COVID!”

That was when I decided not to share the news that a mutual acquaintance has recently lost her grandmother. I’m not ready to hear a happy report that Joe Biden raises people from the dead. I already know he walks on water but I need to let these great news in gradually.

6 thoughts on “Raising the Dead”

  1. Judging by how many Democrats are partying together after the election, it seems like Joe Biden already cured COVID by not needing people to be scared of it anymore.

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  2. At least having a president who is always right rather than one who is always wrong will make a change for all the spin doctors at the NYTimes.

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  3. In other breaking news, famed feminist Naomi Wolf is a blithering idiot…


    1. She always has been. It’s very sad. I used to want so badly to like her, and I still think she’d be a fun person to hang out with, but then she goes and opens her mouth. No filters, no reflective thought…


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