Feel-good Video of the Day

I cried.

NYC Prima Ballerina with Alzheimer’s listens to Swan Lake and it all comes back ✨ The most beautiful video you’ll see today! 🎵❤️🩰⠀

Spaniard ballerina Marta C. Gonzalez Valencia 2019 – Swan Lake by Tchaikovsky @nycballet⠀

#primaballerina #alzheimers #nycballet https://t.co/Dl81WWfn2C


Destroying Elections

Great Tucker tonight, people. The interview with Victor Davis Hanson is especially good. Hanson explained how the whole concept of an election has been vitiated by the massive early voting, mail-in voting, and deliberately fake polling. It’s very powerful.

I highly recommend.

Biden’s Patriot Act

Friends, have you seen Biden’s COVID-19 plan?

It’s truly, truly horrid. As somebody said on Twitter, alongside the military-industrial complex, we will now have the health-industrial complex.

To quote the great German-Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han, “The mania for health emerges when life has become as flat as a coin and stripped of all value. Given the atomization of society and the erosion of the social, all that remains is the body, which is to be kept healthy at any cost.”

To put it more bluntly, people aren’t sure if they exist anymore. Their every thought is dictated to them by the information oligarchy. Their every independent decision is frustrated. The constant, obsessive testing is a way of saying, “I’m real! I exist!”

Biden’s plan is that of a society in a permanent state of emergency. The militarized environment he proposes is perfect for introducing extraordinary measures “to keep us safe” from a largely imaginary threat.

This is the Patriot Act without any patriots.

Barred from Schooling

The only thing I need to know about the “COVID vaccine” is whether access to public schools will be barred to parents who don’t want to have their children injected with this useless poison. Access to public schools is already barred to children whose parents are opposed to getting then addicted to screens.

The next question is whether access to private schools will be predicated on the injection. If so, then the only path for parents like me will be homeschooling, which I passionately don’t want to do and have no idea how to do. But these seem to be the only existing options right now.

Remember what Biden said. There’s now a teacher in the White House. Teachers want all kids doped up and in front of screens and now they will have a whole presidency dedicated to making this happen.

Gosh, I never wanted to be the person who researches religious schools and home-schooling curricula. But I just had to redo the whole departmental schedule for the Fall taking into consideration that I won’t be able to work normal hours if there is no schooling for my kid.

This is a very sad moment for me.


Just to make things easier for everybody: what people on the right call “globalist” people on the left call “neoliberal.”

We all have a common enemy. But we are distracted from this important fact by a small group of neoliberal globalists who scream “fascism” and set us against each other while they rob us.

Physiology over Ideology

Remember that moment in the Dem primaries when Tulsi Gabbard destroyed Kamala Harris? Everybody cheered. Harris is universally detested among the Democrats without PhDs in English lit.

It’s really funny to think that the only reason why Harris and not Gabbard ended up being the VP is that she has a somewhat darker skin tone.

Of course, the entire plan to choose “a woman of color” as veep was in reality about snubbing Bernie Sanders and his many millions of sincere supporters. The DNC’s rejection of Bernie – even after he caved on almost everything – had to be justified as physiological and not ideological.

Bernie is complicit with his own destruction because he adopted this identity ideology and, as always, it came back to bite him.

Across the Lines

The worst part about being on the losing side in 2016 was seeing the ridiculously overwrought, utterly pathetic reaction of pretty much everybody on my side. I still feel humiliated by association.

The best part about being on the losing side in 2020 – and yes, I’m always with the losers, what’s up with that? – is discovering that the ridiculously overwrought, utterly pathetic reaction didn’t follow me across the party lines. The hysterical, self-important drama queens are now not my tribe. I finally got away from them.