Across the Lines

The worst part about being on the losing side in 2016 was seeing the ridiculously overwrought, utterly pathetic reaction of pretty much everybody on my side. I still feel humiliated by association.

The best part about being on the losing side in 2020 – and yes, I’m always with the losers, what’s up with that? – is discovering that the ridiculously overwrought, utterly pathetic reaction didn’t follow me across the party lines. The hysterical, self-important drama queens are now not my tribe. I finally got away from them.

19 thoughts on “Across the Lines”

  1. Well, I guess that’s something to be proud of. Still feels bloody horrible that the left learned a ton about jigging elections in 2000, and all that the right learned was “send lawyers”.


    1. Respectfully, perhaps it isn’t that “all” the right learned is “send lawyers”, but rather “sending lawyers works”.


      1. Yeah, but ballot fraud has been legendary in Palm Beach and Broward county my entire life. Everybody knew about it. Our saving grace in FL is that south FL thinks it is all of FL, and never accounts for the panhandle, which is solidly conservative and also in a different time zone (so the polls close an hour later). So they manufacture enough ballots to get the networks to call the state for the Dem candidate… and then the panhandle reports in. It was not until DeSantis got into office that the elections supervisors in Palm Beach and Broward got removed. One of them did jail time. They seem to have played fair this election, for once.

        So… the RNC should have learned in 2000 that ballot fraud in a single area could swing an election for the entire country, and had to be dealt with. They didn’t. I think the only reason Palm Beach isn’t running ballot factories to this day, is that DeSantis just barely squeaked through that last gubernatorial election. But that’s just FL. That crap is just as legendary in Philly, Detroit, Chicago, Milwaukee… and nothing’s been done about it since… when? The seventies? If we lose this one, it’ll be our own dang fault for ignoring that kind of corruption for so long. It’s not like it’s making life better for the residents of those lovely cities…

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        1. Just to be clear, it seems like you’re saying that the only thing that the RNC learned was to “send lawyers”, when really it should have learned to “detect fraud first” so that they could “send lawyers”. Is that the case?

          I’m asking because it seems like we’re sort of saying the same things yet not agreeing, which is strange 🙂


          1. They should have learned that with the entire tech industry and the media being dead set against them, they should have shot for 65% of the vote AND resisted the mail-in voting with everything they had. Instead, they just sat vapidly by.


            1. It has been my experience that neither of the two parties will meaningfully change a system that advantages both parties over independents or third parties. To explain:

              In a recent election where I live, the equivalent of your Democrats had a big advantage in terms of manpower, ability to cheat, lie, defame etc over both our equivalent of your Republicans, and over independent politicians or third parties.

              In that election, a circumstance arose where the most popular independent politician and the third party were being badly and obviously illegally mistreated by the Democrat type party.

              The kinds of things being done ranged from threats of violence to destruction of property, defamation, destruction of voter materials, voter intimidation, offering of inducements – everything short of people being physically hurt.

              All that would have had to occur in that election for all of the wrongdoing to stop was for the equivalent of the Republican party to make a phone call to a few journalists, or file any of several kinds of formal complaint. That’s it.

              Had the Republican type party done that, it would have led to remedy of several aspects of the electoral system, stopped the injustice, and led to the election of the Republican type candidate.

              Instead of doing that, the Republican type party did absolutely nothing and lost the election along with the third party and independent, while losing a large sum of money and alienating a good portion of the electorate.

              The reason that the Republican type party did nothing was because preservation of the two party system is much more important than winning a single election, or even series of elections, since the income and status of everybody in both parties depended on being, at least, the second most popular in the two party system.

              Later on, I learned that taxpayer money was used to provide contracts, jobs, grants and the like to the party leadership of the Republican type party. And not as much as you’d think, for such a thing.

              So, in regards to the crooked voting system, media, tech giants etc I would have been very surprised if anyone on the Republican side actually did anything to fix the voting system. The unfair voting system sustained them for decades before Trump, and will feed them for decades after him as well.

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              1. If Biden won the popular vote but Trump won again at the electoral college it might start people asking uncomfortable questions like why Kentucky elects the same number of senators as California. Not the outcome Mitch McConnell wants.


          2. What they should have learned was, where it’s completely bleedingly obvious to everyone that there’s fraud going on, it should be dealt with immediately, without waiting for election season. Anyone involved needs to be fired, possibly go to jail, and definitely NEVER allowed near anyone else’s ballot ever again. Prosecute with extreme prejudice. It shouldn’t be a partisan thing. It should never be “Oh, that’s just how things work in Philly”. It should be recognized for the extreme threat to the entire democratic process that it is, and treated accordingly.


  2. I honestly pictured the right avoiding being loud & ridiculous by sitting at the kitchen table, quietly cleaning the gun.


    1. You have no idea. The riots have people spooked– even people who are not traditionally part of the right. Gun sales this year have blown away all previous records, and the shops are having trouble keeping anything in stock. I am seeing little notices go out now and then that are like: “Hey! We finally have ammo in stock: here’s the kinds we have: first come first served” and I am told they are reliably sold out by the end of the day. I know more people (conservative, liberal, and politically apathetic) who bought their first gun this year…


      1. I was mostly making a joke, but yes I am aware that many people are spooked. In fact, I think that many people have wrongly interpreted the lack of outburst from the right as being defeat, when really for many it is the tense kind of quiet that precedes sudden action.


  3. This isn’t over yet. Not even close. We haven’t lost, we’re still on the warpath. Everything in the mainstream media is gaslighting psychological manipulation. Watch them start to get hysterical this week as they feel the noose tighten..

    Enjoy their delicious distress. Savor it:

    Florida (the consummate swing state) doesn’t go 5 points Trump then Georgia (a Republican stronghold) 2 points Biden. Ohio doesn’t go 8 points Trump then Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania all less than 2 points Biden. That’s not a meaningful pattern, that’s not how this country works. The meaningful pattern here is that two of those states are governed by actual Republicans.. And four of them are not, and have metropolitan areas with Democratic mayors that supposedly had 80-90% voter participation that purportedly went 80-90% Biden, in a year that African Americans voted 15-20% Trump. They are not more than one standard deviation above the mean more excited for Biden than they were Obama, who only drew ~ 70% turnout in 2008 and ~ 60% in 2012 . None of it adds up.

    They all underestimate Donny Tiny Hands, as they always do. He’s stupid, see. That’s what they think. That’s what these tools do: They are so arrogant and incurious that they consistently misunderstand and scorn their enemies. But they are about to learn a lesson in respect.

    Despatches from the storm of their trenches:

    I could give you dozens of more reports and data points that indicate Trump is planting a shiv so deep into these fools’ necks that their heads are bouncing off their ankles.

    But I’ll instead just promise you that “winners” don’t do hapless halfwitted things like this:

    There’re gallons of blood blooming. The sharks have come. They’re done.

    Not every American is a hysterical histrionic passive aggressive borderline personality sociopath or pampered self obsessed effete bourgeois virtue signaling twit. We’re not going to quit or roll over. They aren’t going to gaslight or whine their way out of this. If we do lose this fight, it’s not the war.. If we do suffer a set back, we’re not going to bitch and cry about it.. This is a primal street fight, not post modern street theatre. A brawl they picked, by the way, one we are going to end.

    You’ve picked the right tribe. Enjoy the fight while you can. It won’t last long enough.


    1. There’s nothing stronger than psychological manipulation, and the people who have the power to use it always win. Just look at the closed schools and shuttered businesses. It was done through psychological manipulation.

      As for the voting patterns, honestly, who cares? If you want to go patterns, why not just go polls? The polls predicted a Biden landslide, so he should have won in a landslide.


      1. Let’s keep calm and carry on. The pattern is always that the evil wins until it doesn’t. Things that don’t have strong foundation tend to fall apart when tugged too hard. It could be this time as the amount of lies and ill will is through the roof.


      2. Don’t let them get in your head. Don’t listen to their lies. This is an audit of their fraud. We then take t to the Congress and the Court. The evidence that is accumulating – that is already there, in front of our eyes, if we’d only look and ignore the hypnosis – is very cle ar. They’ve tried to pull of the greatest electoral crime in modern Western history. And they have failed.

        The evidence will be indisputable. Then it is the court, and Mitch McConnell who will decide.

        The really interesting question is why they are so desperate as to have attempted it. Trump = Cheeto Mussolini doesn’t explain it. Because this really is an act of war. One side will die. There is something very dark behind all of this.

        Just be ready to fight. Most of these people are not fighters. Antifa and BLM will be swept away in a couple evenings when the big boys are ready to play. They’re not used to getting sucker punched in the face. But like all sniveling cowards, they can be dangerous when desperate.. And the rich scumbags behind all of this are very dangerous. But if and when they’ve exposed themselves, all the money in the cosmos won’t do a damn thing for them.. Xi Jing Ping knows how to deal with their sort.. They aren’t immortal, no matter how much time Soros spends suspended by his heels in is cryogenic tank, he can’t escape the reaper. Pray that angel may soon be rapping his scythe on his door.


      3. My hope in this, is that there are just too many people involved. It’s easy to have a little conspiracy, keep a little secret, when you’ve only got a handful of people involved. But this time, it was huge. Hundreds of people. Witnesses. We’ve already got four postal workers willing to testify in court about backdating ballots. If the Trump team can protect them from the mob (they’ve all been doxxed already), then there will definitely be more willing to testify. IMO there are a lot of honest befuddled Democrat poll workers feeling very uncomfortable right now with their roles in this thing. A little time, and the gentle nudge of conscience, should bring some of them out.

        The left will still insist they are lying, of course. But it’s the courts who’ll decide.


      4. I failed to embed this twitter link properly earlier. It’s too ludicrous to miss, you should enjoy it. It’s also far too absurd to trust, like everything else this year:

        Has the world gone batcrap crazy? Or do dogs now vote? Help me. I’ve lost discernment. Nothing’s sensical anymore.

        Have we dropped off into some comedically sinister Lovecraftian torment where the Great Old Ones maliciously toy with us, the Great Dreamer Cthulhu has deigned to unhinge us all incrementally through increasingly uncanny frenzied comedic farce? Is this what happens if you refuse both blue and red pills, the Matrix unravels your mind?


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