Barred from Schooling

The only thing I need to know about the “COVID vaccine” is whether access to public schools will be barred to parents who don’t want to have their children injected with this useless poison. Access to public schools is already barred to children whose parents are opposed to getting then addicted to screens.

The next question is whether access to private schools will be predicated on the injection. If so, then the only path for parents like me will be homeschooling, which I passionately don’t want to do and have no idea how to do. But these seem to be the only existing options right now.

Remember what Biden said. There’s now a teacher in the White House. Teachers want all kids doped up and in front of screens and now they will have a whole presidency dedicated to making this happen.

Gosh, I never wanted to be the person who researches religious schools and home-schooling curricula. But I just had to redo the whole departmental schedule for the Fall taking into consideration that I won’t be able to work normal hours if there is no schooling for my kid.

This is a very sad moment for me.

15 thoughts on “Barred from Schooling”

  1. If you’re looking for leads…

    We follow, loosely, the free curricula at — with some modifications– and are happy with it, plus Singapore Math, which we are happy with, and RealScience4Kids for physical sciences, which is a good series, but possibly not the best fit for our eldest… we’re still poking around to see if there’s something we like better.

    AO is literature-based, and has a huge emphasis on reading aloud to your kids (at a much more complex reading level than they can read for themselves), and also on getting outside and studying nature in your area. These are both things we liked about it. We had to modify some of the overtly-protestant recommendations, but there’s a whole thread in their forum with Orthodox parents sharing what substitutions and modifications they’ve made. I really appreciated how easy it was to swap out their Solfege and hymn units with Byzantine chant.

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  2. // The next question is whether access to private schools will be predicated on the injection. If so, then the only path for parents like me will be homeschooling

    Do you think this vaccine may actually be dangerous instead of at worst useless but harmless?

    Russian covid ‘vaccine’ sure, but an American one?

    Or is your position ideological?


    1. Nobody is putting anything inside my child’s body needlessly. It’s untested, untried, nobody knows what the side effects or long-term effects are. Parents who agree are complete idiots, in my opinion.


  3. Clarissa, don’t worry, things will be okay. They can’t possibly make a vaccine like this mandatory for young children — at least not for several more years — since the vaccine has not even been tested on children. Even if they do it for public schools, there will be at the very least the private and religious schools where you’d be able to send Klara.

    And if you ask me, I don’t think the vaccine is coming any time soon. There are these reports that came out today — yes. But have you thought about this — all this was known a week ago, why did it make the news today and not last Monday? Let me make a prediction — there is some major measure coming, possibly in Europe, possibly in our blue states, within the next few weeks. It may be a lockdown, it may be schools closing back down again, it may be something else. The “vaccine news” is a way to keep people hoping, so that they think all this is temporary and accept these measures without complaint.


    1. “all this was known a week ago, why did it make the news today and not last Monday? ”

      Pretty sure we know why…..

      “some major measure coming….may be something else”

      Maybe related to the panic over the mink virus (I keep asking if there’s any evidence it’s dangerous to people but somehow there’s no answer).


    2. That’s a good insight, ABC.

      I also think there’s no vaccine and there’s not going to be any. But this isn’t about COVID or vaccine. It’s about austerity. Creating conditions that will make it impossible for many people to access public services, such as education.

      This is the perfect way legally to bar children of the undesirables from public education.


  4. I can only feel you pain, dear Clarissa, on this as on so many other things. I’m a public school teacher in an area in Italy currently under lock-down and I can tell you that there is general consensus among teachers, parents and students: distance learning does NOT work, it is not conducive to learning, only to remoteness, which is not a good thing for individuals growing up, who need education, not instruction, formation, not training. If distance learning continues, or even becomes a semi-permanent fixture in school systems around the world, the damage to young people will be irreparable.


    1. ” general consensus among teachers, parents and students: distance learning does NOT work”

      No teacher I know can stand it (though some are grimly determined to go through the motions even engaging in Stasi style examinations where students have have cameras on their hands as they right….)

      Students either don’t like it or are at most non-commital (Polish students are among the most politically apathetic creatures on the planet – remaining social damage from communism and some other cultural stuff).

      I love teaching but I don’t know how much longer I’ll want to keep doing that in remote form… turn lessons into video games and be done with it…


      1. I will take the vaccine at some point after government approval, but I totally agree that it’s nuts to enroll 12-15 year olds in vaccine trials now–it’s way too early to do that.


  5. I share many of your concerns. I am a big fan of vaccines (my child received all of them and on schedule), but I am concerned about the safety of the potential COVID vaccine. Why would I agree to give something like that to my child for a disease that is virtually harmless to little children? If the vaccine becomes compulsory to access daycare services, I will be in big trouble. I do not think I can keep working without access to daycare. We are also planning to enroll our child in a religious private school when the time comes. I watch my acquaintances with children in public schools going through online schooling and I really don’t understand why there is not some kind of a parent revolt. Why are people subjecting their little children to several hours of zoom meetings and screen time a day is simply incomprehensible to me. Plus, with the amount of time you need to spend supervising a 6-year old to attend the online school, you may as well educate them yourself.

    My other concern is whether the religious schools are going to survive in the long term. Many have already shut down permanently as a side effect of the pandemic – with the churches closed, people unemployed and collections down, catholic schools especially are being devastated. Are these schools going to survive whatever new policies are coming?

    I do sincerely hope that my concerns are overblown and that the future will turn out better than what it looks like right now.

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