Biden’s Patriot Act

Friends, have you seen Biden’s COVID-19 plan?

It’s truly, truly horrid. As somebody said on Twitter, alongside the military-industrial complex, we will now have the health-industrial complex.

To quote the great German-Korean philosopher Byung-Chul Han, “The mania for health emerges when life has become as flat as a coin and stripped of all value. Given the atomization of society and the erosion of the social, all that remains is the body, which is to be kept healthy at any cost.”

To put it more bluntly, people aren’t sure if they exist anymore. Their every thought is dictated to them by the information oligarchy. Their every independent decision is frustrated. The constant, obsessive testing is a way of saying, “I’m real! I exist!”

Biden’s plan is that of a society in a permanent state of emergency. The militarized environment he proposes is perfect for introducing extraordinary measures “to keep us safe” from a largely imaginary threat.

This is the Patriot Act without any patriots.

9 thoughts on “Biden’s Patriot Act”

      1. Truly horrible, yes. But also a lot of empty verbiage. You’re right — it is the TSA for pandemics, and the Patriot Act without patriots. This is exactly what those people in NYC are cheering in the streets about — years of our lives lost battling this bureaucracy.

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  1. When they advertised over-the-counter pain medications, even back in the ’60s and ’70s, as well as all these cosmetic makeovers (silicon breast enlargements, age-defiant cremes, pills for erectile dysfunction, and so forth), to make-up and hair coloring shampoos, it’s kind of the same thing.
    In short, this underlying disorder of modern-day humanity so described has been ongoing for some time.


  2. Well, if you’re going to freak out over impending doom here’s it straight from the source of Biden’s campaign website:
    Joe Biden’s Covid Plan

    We already have competing color coded maps to stoke people’s anxiety. Right now I’m on a tropical storm watch for Eta and a possible hurricane watch, so…


    1. ” on a tropical storm watch for Eta and a possible hurricane watch”

      Is Eta (what kind of name is that?) headed right for you or are you in the clouds and rain for a few days area? Is it erratic or on a straight course? Whatever it is, stay dry and safe!


      1. “Is Eta (what kind of name is that?)”

        Not that anybody cares but…

        There have been so many tropical storms/hurricanes this year that the World Meteorological Organization (which names them) has run through the Roman alphabet’s list of names (“Arthur” through “Wilfred”), and is now going through the Greek alphabet.

        The custom of giving tropical storms names rather than numbers started back in the 1950’s, and all the names were feminine until the 1970’s (after all, the storms are HERicanes, not HIMicanes) — but then the feminists complained that this was sexist, so now the Roman alphabet system alternates male and female names.


        1. “custom of giving tropical storms names rather than numbers started back in the 1950’s, and all the names were feminine until the 1970’s”

          I knew that (I grew up in hurricane country) but some readers might not… I hadn’t realized there had been so many (but eta is the seventh letter of the Greek alphabet, how did I miss alpha, beta etc? I would think I’d have noticed delta or zeta but maybe not…).


      2. Eta just looks like a tropical storm to me. That didn’t stop my phone from screaming three times today and I got a landline alert to hide away from the windows. Schools are out and closed and if I needed to pick up sandbags I could. No shelters are open right now. I’m glad I’m further inland than the coast. I think it’ll lose steam.


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