Why It Happened

Here is a great thread on why Trump lost.

While fraud definitely happened, it’s also undeniable that there were major issues in the campaign that were a result of even greater issues in policy.

Of course, the next administration is going to be so inferior to Trump’s that this whole conversation sounds quite bizarre. But I am fascinated to see so many politicians destroy themselves with this ridiculous, useless identity pandering. Bernie Sanders dismantled his promising campaign in the exact same way. Instead of serious economic measures, he slipped into clumsy identity talk.

They all do it. And it never works. I understand why Kamala does it. She’s got nothing else. She has no ideas and no platform, so she creates hatred between identity groups to distract people from her complete uselessness. But why do people with great ideas and a real following do it? The only result is that slick Kamalas beat them at this game.

All About Appearances

I’m not interested in the COVID vaccine for myself. The concept of getting vaccinated for a virus with a 99.875% recovery rate is incompetent to me. But this isn’t really about the vaccine.

When the President was saying at his rallies that there was going to be a vaccine in a matter of weeks, I didn’t believe him. I thought, why does he have to be fibbing about that? But it turns out he was speaking the truth.

Obama, on the other hand, lied like he breathed but looked extremely believable in the process.

People really respond to appearances above all else.

COVID Question

Students asked why Belgium has the worst COVID mortality in the world. Does anybody know?

I already have enough on my plate explaining why the top-ten COVID mortality list looks like the syllabus for my Hispanic Civilization course, so I have no energy to find out on my own.

Clear, brief explanations, if possible, without links. I trust you.