All About Appearances

I’m not interested in the COVID vaccine for myself. The concept of getting vaccinated for a virus with a 99.875% recovery rate is incompetent to me. But this isn’t really about the vaccine.

When the President was saying at his rallies that there was going to be a vaccine in a matter of weeks, I didn’t believe him. I thought, why does he have to be fibbing about that? But it turns out he was speaking the truth.

Obama, on the other hand, lied like he breathed but looked extremely believable in the process.

People really respond to appearances above all else.

One thought on “All About Appearances”

  1. I did believe Trump about the vaccine. Not because Trump is always telling the truth but because there is a lot of money to be made with many trying to get there first. The time of announcement was political, of course. I guess they wanted to build up hope however they could, given that an old, useless geezer is (was?) the president elect.

    I personally I’m not planning on taking the vaccine. It will be like the flu shot. I used to take them when I was younger and would get sick every time right after. I have the type of immune system that falls out of balance with extra strain and I can imagine a vaccine takes up a lot of the bandwidth so it’s easier to get sick from something that randomly floats around. With the statistical chance of getting sick 100% after the vaccine or much smaller chance of getting the virus I will take the lesser one.


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