Disappointing Catholics

I looked into the local Catholic school, and they are “high-tech,” handing out iPads to 5-year-olds.

Fuck this.

9 thoughts on “Disappointing Catholics”

  1. “iPads to 5-year-olds”

    Why? Is this what the teacher wants? What the parents want? Or is this some addled administrator thinking that this kind of thing will drive enrollments?

    My parent experience with primary schools would suggest that it’s all about the teacher. If you’re serious about a school, I’d recommend a short chat with the teacher who will be assigned to your daughter. You like to teach, you work with other teachers, and you’re a Chair of Department – you’ll be able to tell in short order if you want your daughter to be in the care of the person your interviewing, iPad or no iPad.


    1. We are doing screen-free parenting. I’m not going to have it subverted by a bunch of pretentious fools who think it’s cute to get kids addicted to this garbage. I’ll give my child a pack of cigarettes before I give her a screen.


      1. So you or N would have to earn more money and move or one of you will end up homeschooling Klara. Because good luck finding a screen free environment and you are already twitchy about “inclusion crap” plus you specifically got into Orthodoxy to create some kind of roots, cultural identity?

        What happened to your online store? The FaceBook sales group in my area is always jumping.


          1. I don’t know how well the online store did versus the pay bump for being the Chair. Obviously your sister must have pointed out a billion times how you could make more money.


  2. Talk to the teacher before you reject the school. Talk to several teachers, and to parents. Very often the word on the ground is different than the “public” face of the school. I’ve been there. We chose a small, private, Evangelical Christian (we are Lutheran) school for our kids after two years in the public system, and it was the teachers who sold us. Been there 14 years. Not perfect but the best money I’ve ever spent and I would do it again in a heartbeat.


    1. “Talk to the teacher before you reject the school. Talk to several teachers, and to parents.”

      Yes, yes, the voice of experience. The teachers make or break a school – Lutheran or Roman Catholic, iPad or no iPad.


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