Why did Florida and Ohio count their ballots so fast and so effectively while Arizona, Pennsylvania and Georgia are still counting a week later?

8 thoughts on “Disparity”

  1. Ohio is behind all of them in terms or counting right now. Florida is still counting, but they counted the outside the Election Day votes as they come in so the Trump lead in Election Day was real.


  2. A) We aren’t locked down anymore, and the state has not been trying to scare the pants off people about going out in public. We didn’t do the send-a-mail-ballot-to-everyone insanity.

    B) Broward, Palm Beach, and Miami-Dade got spanked after the 2000 fiasco. They’ve made changes since then, and DeSantis forcibly removed two crooked elections operators after he took office. This does make things go more smoothly. There are probably still corrupt operators there, but they know they’re under the microscope now, and they don’t want to go to jail.


  3. Each state also has its own rules on whether mail-in ballots have to arrive by election day or be postmarked by election day. For the postmark states, they vary in their deadlines for when the ballot has to arrive.
    Each state also has its own requirements and procedure for verifying that the mail-in ballot is legitimate, with some states having procedures that take longer than others.


    1. Well, the question is precisely what motivated some states – especially ones that everybody knew were going to be hotly contested – to adopt a system that would not deliver the results on election day and instead create tension, chaos and confusion. These procedures were put in place by somebody specific for specific reasons. My question is what motivated some states to avoid the chaos and what motivated other States to seek it. It might be a good idea to figure this out now to avoid this problem happening again and again in the future.


      1. Most of this stuff is completely reactive and the policies and procedures can be in place for decades and don’t get changed until they cause a problem. Georgia and Arizona have never been close before, so it has never mattered if they had good and efficient systems or not. I believe Pennsylvania was slowed down this time by a Republican lawsuit that made them delay the start of counting the mail in ballots.


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