Ugly Art

Modern art is ugly and stupid. See this:

Why is Mary Wollstonecraft naked? Why is she so tiny in comparison with the ugly blob she’s sticking out of?

What a horrid little piece.

21 thoughts on “Ugly Art”

  1. // Why is Mary Wollstonecraft naked?

    Made me think of the general question whether we should consider how we honor the dead and not do so in ways they would’ve found horribly insulting.

    Sure, they are dead and we honor ourselves by erecting monuments to the past, but still…


  2. I guess people got tired of insulting important figures from the past by tearing down statues, so now they’re insulting them by putting up statues instead.

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    1. Nah, they’ve been doing that for ages already. I recall a large bronze bust of JFK I saw in the Kennedy Center, that gave the impression of having been sculpted in cold oatmeal. One sensed the artist had a personal grudge against his subject:


  3. It seems the idea of the piece is her taking form. When look at it as a whole from further away, what I see directly below the naked woman, is either a disembodied foot pointing up (with her thighs for toes), or another naked human body sort of sketched out (with the above-mentioned foot’s heel being the knees).


    1. Somehow the abstract and the realistic and their size ratio don’t work together. Looks like someone glued a tiny Greek statue (with the unfortunate beaver that looks like scrotum at the first glance) on top of an abstract art deco sculpture. But at least I thought about Mary Wollstonecraft, probably for the first time since my college days, so it did it’s job.


  4. Ah, Clarissa, you have no eyes!

    The swirling mass beneath Wollstonecraft represents “a combination of female forms which commingle and rise together as if one,” according to a statement from the Mary on the Green campaign [which raised funds for the statue]. “She is Everywoman, her own person, ready to confront the world.”


  5. I have never thought about this:

    Александр Никитин, «Казнена. Проклята. Забыта. Иранский мартиролог 1979—…»

    «И нигде в мире не было казнено за последние 40 лет столько женщин, в большинстве своем молодых, образованных и общественно активных. Еще в 1997 г. оппозиционная режиму Ассоциация иранских женщин в Кельне (Германия) опубликовала “Неполный список женщин, казненных Исламской Республикой Иран”, содержащий 1577 имен. В базе данных правозащитного Центра Абдоррахмана Боруманда, содержащей имена 25127 жертв фундаменталистского режима, собраны сведения о 2695 казненных женщинах — он тоже заведомо далек от полноты, а некоторые жертвы безымянны».

    Историк Александр Никитин рассказывает о трагедии иранских женщин, погибших от рук исламской системы.


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