Why It Happened

Here is a great thread on why Trump lost.

While fraud definitely happened, it’s also undeniable that there were major issues in the campaign that were a result of even greater issues in policy.

Of course, the next administration is going to be so inferior to Trump’s that this whole conversation sounds quite bizarre. But I am fascinated to see so many politicians destroy themselves with this ridiculous, useless identity pandering. Bernie Sanders dismantled his promising campaign in the exact same way. Instead of serious economic measures, he slipped into clumsy identity talk.

They all do it. And it never works. I understand why Kamala does it. She’s got nothing else. She has no ideas and no platform, so she creates hatred between identity groups to distract people from her complete uselessness. But why do people with great ideas and a real following do it? The only result is that slick Kamalas beat them at this game.

7 thoughts on “Why It Happened”

  1. Because any politician with a single message for all people cannot withstand targeted attack by opponents who single out specific voter groups with mass persuasion techniques.

    What happens is that on day 1 a politician stands up with a single set of policies that are broadly appealing or grudgingly accepted by most people.

    This is followed on day 2 by the opposition either accepting defeat, or analysing the electorate so as to single out groups of people who have something in common who may be persuaded by a pitch made directly to them, in a way that the other groups do not really notice, that makes the opponent more appealing to that particular group of people than the broadly appealing politician who had a single message.

    As a consequence on day 3 the original politician can either accept defeat or analyse the electorate themselves in the same way that the other politician did, with the same goal.

    Since human beings may be persuaded almost as if they were a computer being hacked, any politician with a single message must always lose to any politician who can target voter groups separately using mass persuasion, and so in the end must use the same tactics.

    In other words, it’s a political race to the bottom.


  2. All of this wet dreaming is leading into nowhere. Trump has lost the popular and the electoral vote, and there aren’t enough contested votes to reverse that reality. I voted for Trump and wish that this story had a different ending, but the curtain is coming down on a screen that is rapidly fading to black.

    So it’s time to accept the Democratic Biden/Harris victory, and put on your mask — or don’t, if you think the pandemic is a fantasy — and get on with your life.


    1. Respectfully, how do you know that Trump lost either the popular or electoral (college) vote, and/or know that there aren’t enough contested votes to reverse the (affective) reality?


      1. We would know what really happened if instead of chasing the fantasy of winning California, Minnesota and New Mexico, the campaign had sent lawyers armed with voter rolls and ready to file injunctions on the spot to the precincts they knew would be complicated.


    2. Very well stated Dreidel. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. Wish people would just accept that and move on with their lives.


      1. What lives? We are being promised another lockdown by the bastards you elected. What lives? You voted to take our lives away from us. So please, a little humility is in order.


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