Pavlov and His Dogs

I have a little story for people who support Joe Biden’s plan for a lockdown.

Argentina went into a lockdown extremely early. It didn’t even have its first dozen cases yet. This was one of the harshest lockdowns on the planet. It’s easy to do because 95% of the population is urban and a third of it lives in the capital. Yes, really.

Argentina’s lockdown is the longest in the world. The harshest and the longest.

Do you want to know what the situation is today? COVID mortality in Argentina is exploding and is much worse than in the US.

Before you tell me this is because Argentina locked down too early, let me tell you about Spain. It locked down hard but only when deaths started to explode. But since then it really locked down. Extremely harsh measures. Everybody masked. A population completely onboard with the idea of masks. Lockdown, lockdown, lockdown.

Do you want to know what the situation is today? COVID mortality us exploding and is much worse than in the US.

Then there is a story of Sweden. Sweden never locked down. Masks are very sporadic. It’s doing great, the mortality is a lot better than in all countries discussed above.

Unless you are an island nation or have a population with a very different genetic makeup from ours (Africa and Asia, for instance, are following a completely different path with COVID), lockdowns have been demonstrated, time and again, dramatically to increase COVID mortality. They also result in a dramatic increase of cancer mortality, dementia mortality, cardiovascular mortality, suicides, and overdose mortality.

I know I’m clamoring in the desert because everybody who was physiologically capable of absorbing this widely available information already has. The tragedy is that we are held hostage by Facebook and its political puppets. And the people who are physiologically incapable of any response beyond that of a Pavlovian dog are guarding the door of our jail.


From The Hill:

Douglas Emhoff, the husband of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, is leaving his law firm, DLA Piper, for a role in the Biden administration.

Emhoff will officially leave DLA Piper by Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, a Biden campaign spokesperson confirmed. Emhoff took a leave of absence from his firm in August as Harris ran on the Democratic ticket.

What was it that our esteemed opponents have been saying about the intolerable corruption of bringing family members in to the WH to work for the administration?

Loserish Behavior

There are things that are done to us and things that we do. I don’t like dwelling on things that are done to me. It’s loserish behavior that turns you into a perennial victim.

This doesn’t mean that things that are done to us don’t exist or don’t matter. They absolutely do. But fixating on them brings nothing but hurt and resentment. It’s largely useless. Look at the wokies with their endless lists of grievances and their pathetic pouting. Who wants to be like that? Definitely not me.

This is why in every contretemps I like to concentrate on what I could have done differently to get a different outcome. It’s more productive and eminently more grown-up.