From The Hill:

Douglas Emhoff, the husband of Vice President-elect Kamala Harris, is leaving his law firm, DLA Piper, for a role in the Biden administration.

Emhoff will officially leave DLA Piper by Inauguration Day on Jan. 20, a Biden campaign spokesperson confirmed. Emhoff took a leave of absence from his firm in August as Harris ran on the Democratic ticket.

What was it that our esteemed opponents have been saying about the intolerable corruption of bringing family members in to the WH to work for the administration?

6 thoughts on “Nepotism”

    1. My favorite news segment was of journalists asking Republican lawmakers if they have congratulated Biden yet. Biden hasn’t yet been declared a winner by anybody but a bunch of corrupt websites, of course, but I don’t remember anybody asking Dem senators if they had congratulated Trump after Hillary actually conceded.

      These poor dumb bastards.


  1. If there is one thing the election has exposed, it is first and foremost the rampant hypocrisy of nearly every American. We are all hypocrites who justify the means to suit the ends. While conservatives are hedging their bets on a recount because of fraud, I can’t help but remember the “Russian collusion” claims the liberals made which were later proved false. Who will heal our land? It certainly won’t be the president–whoever that turns out to be.


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