It’s Worse in Norway

Whatever our problems are, it’s worse in Norway. People there face a year in jail for questioning gender dogma (e.g. that men have periods or that women have penises) in private. That’s right. Jail time for private statements that state scientific fact.

Not to worry, though. Mr Biden promised to make sure we bring these amazing victories of dogma over facts to this country. Now we will have something to do in our impending nationwide Biden-style lockdown. We will have the time to memorize gender dogma.

13 thoughts on “It’s Worse in Norway”

  1. So in Norway, people who say “men can’t have periods” are sent to jail, while in Saudi Arabia, people who say “men can have periods” are sent to jail.

    Sounds a bit religious when you put those two side by side 🙂

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  2. I’m wondering what evidence will be required. She said/he said, or a recording? In any case, if you want someone’s nice job, you just tattle on them and voila! Nobody and nowhere is safe. Never take off your filter, never trust anyone.


    1. Welcome back to the USSR! That’s exactly how we lived. But we were miserable, dirt-poor bastards. Why rich countries want to imitate us is beyond my comprehension.


      1. I watched the Shelby Steele documentary yesterday. Thank you for the suggestion! It was very enlightening, especially the part about post-war housing policies.

        As to why rich countries want to imitate – I think this is because power is something separate from wealth. Wealth by itself does not satisfy one’s craving for power, thought it might become a means to power in some cases.

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      2. There’s this weird idea in the West that, with enough kindness and support and coddling and whatnot, anyone can be brought into the fold of the benevolent and the enlightened and the woke. The Western mind refuses the idea that people have different ideas for themselves. That there are very different cultures and subcultures with different values. That some people come from so much violence and chaos that that’s all they know and all they want to propagate. That some people have no desire for enlightenment, but instead have a desire for theft and violence and cruelty and all sorts of barbarism and power and domination. That they will lie and cheat and abuse the system if the system will allow it. And Western systems are increasingly incapable of protecting against bad actors, as if created by the most naive of people. So of course there will be liars and frauds who will send people to jail for virtually no real reason because they lack all scruples.

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        1. God, this is so true. As much as they talk about diversity and different cultures, these people haven’t got the remotest understanding of what that means. These are people with an extremely narrow view of the world.

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        2. “The Western mind refuses the idea that people have different ideas for themselves”

          It is so infuriating…. to actually believe that the rest of the world wants and aspires to ‘Western’ values (actually a very narrow subset of same) requires them to also strip non-westerners of agency and free will and to completely dehumanize them and turn them into props in the westerner’s morality pageant… yech.


          1. It’s universal, too! American neocons have been convinced forever that if we just push a little harder, everyone will happily adopt representative democracy. And their leftie counterparts think everyone on earth wants LGBTQ+++ normalization. So far, I’m not seeing a lot of love from the countries we’ve tried to deliver these gifts to…


  3. In the real world, the law basically specifies that trans people are among the groups protected from hate speech and discrimination. Same as gender, race, religion etc. Same rules for hate speech, which are not significantly different from other western democracies.

    its weird how people will believe the weirdest things about foreign countries.


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