This Is How You Are Duped

Cute, huh? Latino physicians, who can possibly be against that? Diversity! So great.

Of course, there’s a much more important thing about these “latino physicians.” One of them works for the CIA. She’s a high-ranking administrator at In-Q-Tel, a CIA front.

This is clearly more important for the public to know than that she’s a latina. But we are being trained like poodles to feel approval whenever a good identity category is mentioned.

What a great scam this is. You got every single person who’d be screaming to the skies about this 10 years ago to feel warm and fuzzy because the magic word has been uttered.

4 thoughts on “This Is How You Are Duped”

    1. As somebody who is well-familiar with that place (I worked in a neighboring department), these are the people who invented the theory that academics in the Humanities should write in the most incomprehensible language possible to weed out those who don’t deserve to read and understand. They organized a whole conference on the subject while I worked there. One of their faculty members snobbed all over me when I found the job I currently have. This is to say that I’m really not surprised. These are very smug, supercilious, snobbish people.


  1. Luciana Borio is Brazilian, and as such, strictly speaking, does not qualify as a “Latino”, whatever that term now means. Words used as wide-ranging catch-all phrases are fated to become useless gibberish after a while and total nonsense in time.


    1. Good point! I didn’t know she’s Brazilian. But you are absolutely right, this word doesn’t apply to her.

      These people, God, they can’t even keep track of who’s a real latino. Useless, ridiculous dumbasses.


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