Up and Down

In 2016, real median household income was $62,898, just $257 above its level in 1999. Over the next three years it grew almost $6,000, to $68,703. That’s perhaps why, despite the pandemic, 56% of U.S. voters polled last month said their families were better off today than they were four years ago.

This is what I voted for. But other people chose lockdowns, fear, neoliberalism, and mandatory struggle sessions.

Please read the article before commenting because I’m not in the mood for inane chirping about how this was somehow achieved by Obama’s weak economic team with a radically different policy.

Policy matters. This is why, for instance, Canada experienced the 2008 recession a lot more gently than we did. The only thing more pathetic than Obama’s economic policy was his foreign policy.

17 thoughts on “Up and Down”

    1. “The people” totally voted for Biden. Just look at the numbers out of California. The only problem was engineering a win in the electoral college.


  1. Engineering is the right term. Obama got more votes than any previous presidential candidate in US history. Trump got more votes than Obama. Trump’s support went up from 2016, even in deep-blue cities like NYC. Trump outperformed Hillary’s 2016 numbers in every polling location: except for four strategic cities: Detroit, Milwaukee, Philadelphia, and Atlanta. Those cities have a lot in common: they’re embedded in states where people outside the cities went hard for Trump. They all have a nasty history of election fraud. And they all found an astonishing number of Biden votes in the days following the election: enough to tip the balance of the whole state. Lucky that. A truly amazing coincidence. A miracle, really.

    Miracles are very easy to believe in when they go your way.

    I truly hope the courts are not as credulous as Democrats. But I don’t see a lot of hope there.

    Don’t worry: the winners write the history books, so you’re totally on the right side of history. Much good may it do you: unless you’re a billionaire tech investor the new left doesn’t give a rat’s ass about your interests, any more than it cares about mine. I hope you like the bright shiny future you ordered.


    1. Those cities also each contain roughly half the population of their respective states. It’s not surprising there would be a lot of votes given the demographics and the massive media campaign targeted at suburban voters.


      1. Clearly, I will not be changing your mind about anything. It is simply very curious to me, that anyone is so credulous as to believe that, even though Trump gained support since 2016, particularly among minorities, and even though Republicans made gains in the House, the state legislatures, and other offices, compared to Democrats… even though Trump actually got more votes than he did in 2016 (where he won largely due to the unpopularity of the DNC pick)… that despite all these indicators, we should believe that people turned out in droves in four of the most corrupt cities in America, to vote for the limp dishrag running on the DNC ticket. I don’t find this credible.

        You, of course, probably do not read any news sources that will talk about the details of the election fraud. FB, Twitter, and YouTube are actively censoring it, and none of the corporate news channels will touch it– they won’t even air the White House’s press conferences about it! Most left-leaning people seem to prefer it that way: a news media that protects them from news, rather than reporting it. Why is that? Do you like having your opinions curated for you? Do you believe the reports that this summer’s urban riots were peaceful demonstrations, as universally reported by the corporate media (unironically, with buildings burning in the background)? I mean, if you buy that load of crap, there’s no help for you. I’m a lowly college dropout– I don’t have the rhetorical clout to reach you. But if you don’t believe the media about the riots, why on earth would you believe them about the election?

        I am, of course, trying to attribute good intentions and fair-mindedness to you. But I don’t know you, and that may be entirely off-base. There seem to be quite a lot of people on the left these days who think that Trump is so Double-plus-evil that any action– no matter how dishonest, violent, or illegal– is justifiable to extract him from office and punish his supporters. If that’s you… then we both know how fruitless discussion is. May God help us all.

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        1. Here’s a small test that I believe everybody should apply in this situation. If everything were identical, and the exact same reports of election fraud were being brought to light by the Biden campaign, would you feel exactly the same about the issue? If it was your candidate who believed he was disadvantaged by this, would that change your attitude? This is a great test of whether one is being partisan or does care about election integrity.


          1. I remember the hanging chads in Florida, but I don’t think Biden will be as bad as Bush so I’m just not that worked up about this one going to the Dems. These things even out over time.


        2. I don’t know if there was fraud or not. I just don’t think the media and the tech companies needed fraud to get the result they wanted.

          People didn’t vote for Biden. They voted against Trump. The media has been campaigning against Trump ever since he was elected. Biden was just the figurehead added at the end.

          Do you think the people who design targeted ads can’t identify the voters they need to influence in order to swing the election? Making sure that every potential Biden voter in those cities receives targeted information informing them that their vote might be the critical one needed to defeat Trump could definitely influence the outcome.

          I suspect that allegations of fraud are simply due to the effectiveness of the campaign by the media and tech to get the result they want. Why bother with fraud if you can brainwash people into doing what you want?


          1. No, the allegations of fraud are due to blocks of tens of thousands of votes just for Biden (none for Trump) popping up after midnight, Republican poll watchers being excluded from the room where the ballots were being counted, multiple postal workers reporting backdating of mail-in ballots, ballots being reported as “received” on dates before they were reported as mailed out, and the simple, glaring, fact that every single counting “error” was in favor of Biden.

            But if you get your news from corporate media, you won’t have heard about any of that.

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            1. People are being excluded from rooms everywhere because of COVID. Apart from that I’ve often seen media reports were totally different from what I saw when I was in a place, but since I’m not in America it’s hard for me to comment on the fraud allegations.


              1. Republican poll watchers were excluded, even when Democrat poll watchers were allowed, in some places. In other places, covid was used as an excuse to keep poll watchers twenty feet away, where they could not see what was going on in any meaningful way. In other cases, poll watchers were actively harassed by DNC activists as soon as they got near any of the tables. Different tactics at different precincts: same results. And you can hardly cite COVID as an excuse for blocking glass windows of counting rooms with cardboard!

                When all the anomalies, mistakes, and irregularities go in the same direction, they’re not errors.


              2. Okay. Well, good luck investigating it. I don’t expect it to change the outcome, but that doesn’t mean it isn’t worth exposing any fraud that may have occurred.


              3. There are so many people who are nurturing a false hope, and it’s very sad to watch.

                This election was what we in Ukraine call completely fraudulent. I’m a lot more worried about the fix that was in long before anybody voted. The efforts by the media and the tech oligarchy to promote their candidate and silence all opposition. That’s the really scary stuff. Voting machines and all that are insignificant. They changed razor-thin margins but the only reason there were such narrow margins is the relentless propaganda we were all subjected for years. That’s what worries me. In Russia people sincerely vote for Putin. He really honestly actually wins. Because people have no source of information about anything that’s really happening. Voting machines or not, this is the real danger for all of us, irrespective of our politics.


              4. Yes. That’s why I don’t care about fraud. Not because it couldn’t have happened, but because it is insignificant compared to the real danger.

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              5. Yep. I can’t get myself to care about the machines, Krakens, and Sydney Powells because I believe they are a distraction from the real issue. Whatever was shuffled around on election night – and it absolutely was – 70 million people turned out to vote for a senile, doddering candidate who didn’t run a campaign, didn’t hold press conferences, didn’t explain what his program was, had enormous corruption scandals going on, and was a dumb, useless puppet for the tech oligarchy. These are people who will vote for a blind bat if they are told to do so on Facebook. This is what’s scary.


              6. Fair enough.

                I don’t have much hope that the fraud will be sorted out. The other issues, as you point out, may be larger factors in the long run. I had hoped that Trump might buy us a little more time, is all. But I think fully half the voting population of the country thinks the election was stolen through fraud, and the incoming Biden admin will have legitimacy and public confidence issues that dwarf Trump’s.

                Ultimately, there is no presidential solution to the larger problems of government legitimacy, predatory globalists, manipulated media etc etc etc. Though Trump was turning things in the direction of less global-supply-chain dependency. I’m not sure social media is as big a deal as Clarissa thinks in the long run– FB is already starting to go the way of MySpace. As they slide further and further into censorship and manipulation, the platform becomes less and less… engaging. And since social media (even without the manipulation) tends to make everyone crazy… it’s for the best.

                I expect to see the US default on its debt, the collapse of the dollar, and the partition of the country in my lifetime. I think a Biden presidency will accelerate that timeline considerably.

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