Quote of the Day

This is from Karl Kraus, as quoted by Clive James:

Female desire is to male desire as an epic is to an epigram.

Wedding Anniversary

Today is my 11th wedding anniversary.

When we got married it was also a Friday and I was teaching the same course as I taught today in the same building. Of course, I remember exactly what I was teaching on that day.

I’ve got to say, though, that it’s the same course in name only. I’ve been teaching it for 11 years and every year I change it completely. Everything, the syllabus, the readings, the assignments, the countries we cover. Everything new. I’d go nuts if I had to repeat the same thing for 11 years. I have no idea how people do it.

Back to the wedding anniversary, though, getting married to N was the second best thing that happened to me in my life. But the #1 best thing wouldn’t have happened without it.

This Won’t End

In Illinois we have 27 daily COVID deaths down from 170+ in May. Our governor wants to put is into a 3-week lockdown. This isn’t justified in any way or manner.

This is also a response to the people who thought COVID was about the election. It’s not. It’s about transferring capital to the global digital oligarchy and depriving you of basic welfare such as schooling.

Remember, this won’t end until we, the people, decide it should end. For now, we are perfectly fine with being robbed. So we will continue to get robbed.

Lockdowns Increase Transmission

A study in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that in a group of Marine recruits who were placed under an exceptionally strong 2-week quarantine and a subsequent 2-week strict enforcement of masks, social distancing, etc, COVID transmission still occurred.

Moreover, transmission was actually greater in the supervised quarantine group than in the control group. This is fully in keeping with all preceding data showing that lockdowns increase the transmission of COVID.

Vouchers and School Choice

Whatever arguments existed against vouchers and the clumsily named school choice, I hope everyone now recognizes that they are dead. Public schools are closed with no plans to reopen. Surely, nobody will argue that only the parents who can afford to pay for private schools deserve to educate their children and keep their jobs, right?

Let’s give everyone an opportunity to move to the private school system if public schools no longer exist in any meaningful way. We are paying taxes to maintain a public school system but if it went out of existence, let’s redirect the money to the people who want to work, both parents and teachers.