Quote of the Day

This is from Karl Kraus, as quoted by Clive James:

Female desire is to male desire as an epic is to an epigram.

5 thoughts on “Quote of the Day”

  1. “Female desire is to male desire as an epic is to an epigram.”

    This sounds like a very knowledgeable, wise statement from a learned man — but it doesn’t hold up over a lifetime of many sexual interactions with many women from all over the world for some world travelers who have found it easy to interact, for both short and prolonged periods, with attractive, loving women whose desires varied just as much as those of any men whom they might encounter.

    Take my word for it.


      1. ” intensity and complexity”
        The metaphor I most like (I forget where I first saw it…):
        Male desire is like a pilot light, it can be increased for short periods of time and it almost never goes out. If it does go out and there’s a spark you’re more liable to have an explosion than a fire….
        Female desire is like a bonfire, it needs kindling and a spark to get going but once it does it can easily rage out of control and consume the person who started it.


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