Online Worship

Online worship isn’t working out for me. I fall completely out of sync, and infrequent church visits according to the COVID schedule barely help.

To give an example, I almost packed salami and cheese sandwiches for the after-church gathering tomorrow. Deep in the recesses of my brain, I vaguely felt that there was something about this time of year that makes this a bad idea. Thankfully, I did Google it.

11 thoughts on “Online Worship”

  1. It is really hard to believe the Nativity fast is already here! We had church cancelled on us last week, because someone tested positive (no symptoms). Happy to be going back tomorrow! I guess I should be more grateful it’s just masks and taped-off pews we’re stuck with, and not sporadic attendance and online services.

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    1. I only get to go about once every six weeks. But it constantly shifts so a couple of times I ended up arriving on somebody else’s say. It’s confusing me and I miss the sense of permanence.

      I had a feeling that this sense of permanence was central to Orthodoxy and I loved it.


      1. Per the archdiocese we are supposed to sign up, etc… but after a few weeks we realized that we are always under the maximum number. So now we don’t bother, we just show up. Nobody turns us away, and nobody gets booted to make room for us.

        For anything outside of Sunday liturgy, there seems to be a tacit agreement that we will simply Not Discuss The Virus, we will show up and do things at church during the week, people who want to wear masks will wear them, people who don’t want to, won’t, and nobody will say a word about it. The state of FL does not require masks. The archdiocese only handed down rules about liturgy and (not having) coffee hour. And nobody is going to remind anyone that things happen at church that are not liturgy or coffee hour.

        It’s an odd time.

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        1. Since early June, our parish has held two liturgies per week plus vespers on Saturday evening. Everyone has to sign up for each service they wish to attend (one per week and not two Sundays in a row), one’s name is checked off at the door, masks are mandatory for all but young children, and every service is streamed online. Social distancing inside the Cathedral is strictly maintained by pews being partially blocked off and one is assigned a seat by volunteers at the door. There’s no community socialization after services as far as I’m aware.

          Things could be a lot worse and realistically given the level of extreme hysteria I won’t be astonished if we’re shut down again at some point this winter by the province.


          1. We’ve had our famous tea hour (which is more like 3 hours of intense socializing) outside under the trees. But now it’s gotten too cold and we’ve moved inside. I’m so glad! I’ve missed everybody. Klara and I usually sit in the choir during service, so I only ever see the tops of people’s heads anymore.


            1. “famous tea hour”

              Thumbs up – nice!

              As soon as a vaccine becomes available, assuming that it has some reasonable level of protection and the usual minor side effects, I’m in – not because I’m especially afraid of this plague but because mass immunization will be the only way to shut up all the nutbar Henny Pennies out there so that commonplace ordinary life can resume.


              1. I can see it being a requirement for travel. Present your COVID vaccine certificate at immigration or before boarding your flight is just the kind of box-ticking solution that bureaucrats love.


              2. Clarissa, since you know a lot more than I do about the general attitude of people in the former Soviet bloc, may I ask – do you really see the Russians, Ukranians, Kazakhs etc actually going along with this stuff, and also, do you think that they have the resources to enforce it all?


              3. If freedom-loving Americans are rolling over and begging for more, the post-Soviet people who are in love with totalitarianism definitely will be happy to accept the new order.


              4. Well, since I refuse to feel daunted by anything, on the bright side…Guess who doesn’t have to learn Russian πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚


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