Payback Time

Somebody who closely follows the stock market told me that the moment Pfizer announced the vaccine, the stocks of Facebook, Amazon and Co started to go down. For those in these companies who have a stock option as part of the compensation package, even 1% down makes a big difference.

So the stocks went down.

Almost immediately, Biden’s spokesperson promised a 4-6 week national lockdown. Stocks of the companies that profit from lockdowns went back up and stabilized. Makes sense because that’s why they put him in power.

5 thoughts on “Payback Time”

  1. I just checked my stock market holdings on the Internet, and as of two hours ago, I am richer than I have ever been in my entire long life. We’ll see how long this lasts, once Biden assumes power and starts raising multiple taxes, while creating vast new expensive make-work and giveaway programs, and doing potentially disastrous things to the economy and to our energy policies, and—well, we’ll see!


  2. BTW, Clarissa, what the hell is your WordPress program currently doing with its “time of day” postings for your reader’s comments?? It’s supposed to state “Greenwich Mean Time” (at the universal dateline), also called “UTC” (“Coordinated Universal Time”) — both are identical times –unless you’re specifically altered the WordPress program for your website to show your local time zone.

    Yet my last two comments tonight have correctly shown MY personal Mountain Time Zone here in the wilds of Arizona –the first time they’ve EVER done that, so can you tell me what’s going on??

    Let’s see what the time stamp for this comment says:


    1. Let’s see what the time stamp for this comment says:”

      Wow, now it’s moved from being on time for my location to falsely labeling my above comment as EXACTLY ONE HOUR LATER than posted – showing 5:07 instead of the correct 4:07!

      I wonder if any if your other readers have noticed this bizarre phenomenon with the time stamp on their comments. (Perhaps unlike me, they’re not obsessive enough to waste time being concerned!)

      Anyway, these posted times do show that I have an unhealthy habit of staying up too late after dark. Goodnight!


  3. A couple of weeks ago, the CEO of Amazon sold a few billion dollars worth of his own stock, which had increased in value due to the pandemic.

    A week or so after that (on Monday) the CEO of Pfizer announced a vaccine, which caused Amazon shares to go down but Pfizer shares to go up – including the ones he owned, followed by him selling about 60% of the shares he owned, amounting to some 5.8 million dollars or something.

    I didn’t know about Biden announcing anything that made those shares go back up but why not. Who in this world is going to prosecute insider trading at a time like this anyway.


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