Pride Comes Before Fall

When I said here on the blog a few years ago that “universal pre-K” was all about getting kids to stare at screens, getting fat and addicted while funneling state money to tech companies, people told me I was crazy, ha ha, nobody will force kids to sit at home staring at screens and call that education.

Sadly, none of those people found the strength to come back and say, hey, you were right, how on earth did you know this so far in advance?

And then I’d answer and they’d know, too. Life would be less unpredictable.

But people who are capable of recognizing they were wrong are extremely rare.

6 thoughts on “Pride Comes Before Fall”

  1. Well I must admit — I didn’t think it would come to pass so soon! Kudos to you for foreseeing this so clearly. I am very glad they weren’t successful with universal pre-K, or the few “in-person” daycares we have would now be out of commission.

    They introduced “transitional kindergarten” in my state a couple of years ago, which completely destroyed the 4-5 year class at my daughter’s preschool. They coped by starting an infant room and adjusting the age-range for the rest of their classes. Now there is no “transitional kindergarten” and the 4-year olds are clamoring to come back. Good thing they are still standing!

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  2. I agree with you on the end result but disagree on the mechanism. Getting the kids fat and addicted is not the end goal, it’s a side effect, a should-have-been-foreseen consequence of multiple actors with conflicting interests involved: everyone, especially the private companies, wants to increase revenue and reduce costs, no one wants to get sued, etc.

    It’s kind of like saying that the goal of American companies and the government over the time period starting after WWII was to get people fat, addicted, and not engaged in much physical activity. No – the goal of food companies was to make money, which they achieved by lowering the cost of ingredients, increasing the shelf life of their products, and making them as palatable as possible for their customers. The builders made more money by building larger homes, resulting in suburban sprawl. That obviously worked out quite well for the car companies, and so on.

    One of the government’s main goals was to grow the economy, which all of the above accomplished quite well.


    1. The goal is to transfer public money into private ownership. Everything else, as you correctly say, is a side effect. But both the goal and the side effects are terrible for “we, the people.” I’m suggesting we stop zombifying ourselves into compliance and at least notice what’s being done to us.


    1. “being quick at recognizing that one is wrong is an essential quality in a teacher”

      I couldn’t agree more! And…. if I’m ever wrong then I’m sure I’ll recognize that, which would mean that I was right after all! What a relief!!!


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