School’s Out in NYC

New York is closing schools again, almost without notice. The reason is that “positivity rate,” whatever that is, is close to 3%. That means absolutely nothing to anybody but the mothers who will now not be able to show up for work on Monday clearly mean even less.

This is why I’m saying that public education is dead. Once they have started doing this, they’ll never stop. It’s a great way to push people out of this form of welfare without explicitly canceling it.

It’s now completely clear why more married women voted for Trump than Hillary or Biden. This is a catastrophe to us, but the rich and the unattached don’t care and can concentrate on imaginary stories about racismsexism instead.

Ironically, there’s absolutely nothing more truly racist and sexist than destroying the public school system. This is item #1 on the Democratic agenda, and all of the inane wailing about inclusion is a front for this cynical plan.

3 thoughts on “School’s Out in NYC”

  1. I don’t know if you’ve seen this but there’s a video of Cuomo on MSNBC doing the rounds on Twitter. Yes, even Cuomo on MSNBC. He is saying in as many words — we know the virus does not spread in schools, and that the “positivity rate” in schools is much lower than 3%. But we are shutting down anyway since that was the agreement with the Mayor and the teachers.

    With all this media wailing about the right killing public schools, it is the teachers’ union that is in reality destroying them. Ironically, if Betsy Devos had managed to get the vouchers passed, and these schools had some competition, they would perhaps be open today.

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      1. Well that’s true. We all deserve what we all vote for. Look at how the same people are celebrating the end of public schools and four more years of the pandemic.

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