Wrong Dynamic

The dynamic between the hosts of Love It or List It where the female host constantly humiliates and ridicules the male host, rubbishing his looks and intelligence would be impossible to show on TV if the sexes were reversed.

There’s a long personal history behind this but I really don’t enjoy watching men getting negged and put down. Even if it’s for fun and part of the script and what not.

I understand that the viewership is 100% female and tends to see this as some sort of vindication but it still bugs me. Too many memories are awakened and none of them good.

Still a great show, especially when I fast-forward through the hosts’ dialogue.

A Guide for the Perplexed

They don’t believe in the COVID lies they are telling us:

The poor, well-meaning, earnest … people who are following these ridiculous mandates and staying home, wearing masks, and dismantling their lives need to wake up.

P.S. I suggest googling photos of this dinner where a bunch of unmasked people are sitting, walking, standing very close to each other and probably laughing at what a dupe you are. Not me because I figured out this scam before April 1.

Who Needs Thanskgiving?

Wondering why the ruling oligarchy wants to cancel Thanksgiving and prevent you from being with the people you love? Or any people?

Zygmunt Bauman explained this many years ago:

The disintegration of the social network, the falling apart of effective agencies of collective action is often noted with a good deal of anxiety and bewailed as the unanticipated ‘side effect’ of the new lightness and fluidity of the increasingly mobile, slippery, shifty, evasive and fugitive power. But social disintegration is as much a condition as it is the outcome of the new technique of power using disengagement and the art of escape as its major tools.
For power to be free to flow, the world must be free of fences, barriers, fortified borders and checkpoints. Any dense and tight network of social bonds, and particularly a territorially rooted tight network, is an obstacle to be cleared out of the way. Global powers are bent on dismantling such networks for the sake of their continuous and growing fluidity, that principal source of their strength and the warrant of their invincibility. And it is the falling apart, the friability, the brittleness, the transience, the until-further-noticeness of human
bonds and networks which allow these powers to do their job in the first place.

This was all in the works for a long time. Now the situation is ripe to ratchet things up massively. COVID, schmovid, it’s all an excuse. Bauman didn’t live to see COVID but I have zero doubt that he would see in the hyper-reaction to it exactly what he predicted years earlier.

Why Masks Don’t Work

In this community-based, randomized controlled trial conducted in a setting where mask wearing was uncommon and was not among other recommended public health measures related to COVID-19, a recommendation to wear a surgical mask when outside the home among others did not reduce, at conventional levels of statistical significance, incident SARS-CoV-2 infection compared with no mask recommendation.”

This study was conducted using high-quality surgical masks, not the cheap ridiculous cloth masks everybody is running around in. And they still didn’t work.

Why? Because of the way SARS-COV-2 transmits.

It has been argued that for the primary route of SARS-CoV-2 spread—that is, via droplets—face masks would be considered effective, whereas masks would not be effective against spread via aerosols, which might penetrate or circumnavigate a face mask (37, 39). Thus, spread of SARS-CoV-2 via aerosols would at least partially explain the present findings. Lack of eye protection may also have been of importance, and use of face shields also covering the eyes (rather than face masks only) has been advocated to halt the conjunctival route of transmission.”

And more:

Our results suggest that the recommendation to wear a surgical mask when outside the home among others did not reduce, at conventional levels of statistical significance, the incidence of SARS-CoV-2 infection in mask wearers in a setting where social distancing and other public health measures were in effect, mask recommendations were not among those measures, and community use of masks was uncommon. Yet, the findings were inconclusive and cannot definitively exclude a 46% reduction to a 23% increase in infection of mask wearers in such a setting.

Once again, these are surgical masks. Not whatever garbage we are wearing.

I recommend reading the whole thing. I know that masks are an article of religious faith but there’s got to be some rationality left on the issue. Nobody should forcibly prevent people from wearing whatever they want but nobody should force people to wear them either.