Who Needs Thanskgiving?

Wondering why the ruling oligarchy wants to cancel Thanksgiving and prevent you from being with the people you love? Or any people?

Zygmunt Bauman explained this many years ago:

The disintegration of the social network, the falling apart of effective agencies of collective action is often noted with a good deal of anxiety and bewailed as the unanticipated ‘side effect’ of the new lightness and fluidity of the increasingly mobile, slippery, shifty, evasive and fugitive power. But social disintegration is as much a condition as it is the outcome of the new technique of power using disengagement and the art of escape as its major tools.
For power to be free to flow, the world must be free of fences, barriers, fortified borders and checkpoints. Any dense and tight network of social bonds, and particularly a territorially rooted tight network, is an obstacle to be cleared out of the way. Global powers are bent on dismantling such networks for the sake of their continuous and growing fluidity, that principal source of their strength and the warrant of their invincibility. And it is the falling apart, the friability, the brittleness, the transience, the until-further-noticeness of human
bonds and networks which allow these powers to do their job in the first place.

This was all in the works for a long time. Now the situation is ripe to ratchet things up massively. COVID, schmovid, it’s all an excuse. Bauman didn’t live to see COVID but I have zero doubt that he would see in the hyper-reaction to it exactly what he predicted years earlier.

One thought on “Who Needs Thanskgiving?”

  1. Christmas, too. Don’t you dare reconnect with family over the holidays!

    Naturally, everyone is coming to our house for Thanksgiving. I roast a turkey, boil collards, and bake pumpkin custard. They wouldn’t dream of staying home. None of them can cook.

    Back in the day, everyone used to bring their shovels, we’d have a truckload of sand delivered, the older women would cook, and everyone else would grade the road in front of the house (an annual necessity) until they had shovel blisters. A good time was had by all. I’ve been idly wondering about getting a truckload of garden dirt to build a vegetable bed or two, for old times’ sake 😉


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