Wrong Dynamic

The dynamic between the hosts of Love It or List It where the female host constantly humiliates and ridicules the male host, rubbishing his looks and intelligence would be impossible to show on TV if the sexes were reversed.

There’s a long personal history behind this but I really don’t enjoy watching men getting negged and put down. Even if it’s for fun and part of the script and what not.

I understand that the viewership is 100% female and tends to see this as some sort of vindication but it still bugs me. Too many memories are awakened and none of them good.

Still a great show, especially when I fast-forward through the hosts’ dialogue.

One thought on “Wrong Dynamic”

  1. You’re still talking about a whole genre of shows made about very rich people, and watched primarily by people who will never, ever have that kind of money. It is like people who never cook, but love watching the Food Network. It’s bizarre. Every time I am subjected to it in a dentist’s waiting room, I’m baffled by the appeal. Real estate porn.


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