Sydney Powell’s TV Commercial

Right after the end of the USSR, when we were still discovering the world of TV commercials, there was this one TV channel that everybody watched. We only had 3 or 4 channels back then, and this one was called “channel #1.” So everybody watched.

One day there was this commercial where there was a black screen and a sombre voice said, “The day will come.” And that was it. Nothing else.

[And yes, I told this story before, I’m not senile. But it was a long time ago, and the story is perfect for this moment in time. Please see the title of the post.]

So it went on for weeks. Everybody was fascinated. What does it mean? What’s being advertised?

Finally, the commercial changed. The screen was still black but now the voice said, “The day will come when I will say everything.”

And that was it.

Rumors were running crazy. People were making all sorts of conjectures. Is it a political statement? Should we prepare for a coup? It was nerve-racking.

The next installment of the commercial appeared a few weeks later.

“The day will come when I will say everything I think about this matter,” announced the now familiar voice.

We spent the next few weeks on pins and needles. The mysterious voice had information! Probably something really important! We were glued to our screens. Forget the favorite shows! We were desperate for a commercial break.

And then the day of the final revelation came.

“Now I’m ready to say this!” the happy voice announced. “The new branch of our bank will open for regular service on Monday through Friday…”

That was the last time that the poor post-Soviet dupes believed TV commercials.

So everything that’s going on with Sydney Powell and the lawsuits – I’ve seen that commercial before.

Art of the Deal

A student accidentally revealed to me that he’s going to spend Thanksgiving with his family. The poor guy clamped his hand over his mouth and looked terrified.

I was tempted to say that I promise not to narc on him if he promises not to narc on me that I made an argument in favor of freedom of speech in the classroom.


I watched a documentary on the History Channel a few years ago about Reagan’s landslide win against Carter in 1980. It was something crazy, 480+ electoral votes for Reagan. But the funny thing was that crowds of Democrats believed then and still do now that it was an unfair win because Reagan somehow colluded with the Ayatollahs to not release the hostages.

There was also this nutso theory that Bush Sr won in 1988 because of “racist” Willie Horton ads. It’s been repeated as true as recently as three years ago, which is how I learned about it.

More recently, the majority of Democrat voters believed as recently as 2 years ago that “the Russians” actually changed the voting tallies in 2016.

I’m not even mentioning the Gore disaster that went on until mid-December in 2000.

Based on this evidence, I’d say that the Democrats who mock Republican voters for not accepting the razor-thin margins in the current election are being a tad hypocritical.

The Story That Matters

The completely fake story about student debt forgiveness was injected into the news cycle in order to get us all to jump at each other’s throats. This allowed our smarmy overlords to hide a much more relevant story about how Biden is colluding with the Republicans in the Congress to pass an immigration amnesty bill.

Part of the Great Reset plan is to lock you up and start dragging around large masses of people. That’s why in Canada, for instance, you can’t drive from Montreal to Halifax to visit your sister but Justin Trudeau is promising to increase immigration numbers immediately in a staggering proportion.

Canada has a great immigration system, and Canadians are generally very welcoming to immigrants. But a dramatic increase in immigration when so many people are out of work and small businesses are being wiped out is designed to make locals detest immigrants.

Let’s stay vigilant and not let them distract us from truly important stories. Immigration amnesty will wipe out the Republican party as a concept. Republicans in Congress are colluding to make this happen. Let’s stop them before our two-party system will be comprised of the party of AOC vs the party of Ilhan Omar.

Aryan Nation in San Jose

This is from the third-grade math curriculum in California:

What I’m getting from this is that being a white, Christian, healthy, educated US citizen really rocks and everybody else is a loser. Of course, if math is permanently replaced with these adventures in the Aryan Nation’s philosophy, we will all be losers.

Beach vs Snow

Shit. I’m going to miss the first snow of the season because I’m going to be in Florida.

I mean, yes, great, Florida, I’m really looking forward. But on the other hand, the first snow of the season! In this dumb climate, it might be the only snow of the season.