Art of the Deal

A student accidentally revealed to me that he’s going to spend Thanksgiving with his family. The poor guy clamped his hand over his mouth and looked terrified.

I was tempted to say that I promise not to narc on him if he promises not to narc on me that I made an argument in favor of freedom of speech in the classroom.

13 thoughts on “Art of the Deal”

  1. Where would students go for Thanksgiving though? How would they even spend their holidays otherwise? Are the dorms and cafeteria and other buildings even open? Not everyone lives in an apartment off campus or commutes from their family’s house.


    1. We will have kicked them off campus starting November 30. So it’s open for now but then everybody is gone. Obviously, there’s no reason for students to hang out here on Thanksgiving break.


      1. Where, exactly, do they think those kids are going after the 30th? Camping?

        The appropriate response to the poor kid’s revelation is, of course: “Did you say something? I wasn’t paying attention, sorry.”


  2. Oh, the horror!

    I don’t know where else they expect kids to go. A lot of college students still live with their parents when they aren’t at school.

    I will be spending my Thanksgiving at work (we rotate holidays), so I’m trying to talk my mom into doing Thanksgiving dinner on Saturday instead. Everyone in the house will finally be out of isolation or quarantine. It’ll be nice, but I suppose it doesn’t count as a “private gathering” if only the people who live in the household gather.

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  3. You know how the student clamped his hand over his mouth? Well. He wouldn’t have had to do that if he had just worn a mask 🙂


      1. Oh, you mean that you’re still allowed to use Zoom without wearing a solidarity mask? That’s interesting 🙂


          1. // It’s coming, though. Together with masks in the shower and in bed.

            “Masks in bed” reminded of those 2 funny posts:

            Ковид-некрофилия против секса


            (из комментов) …Откровенный некрофил, конечно, хочет запретить секс полностью и навсегда, как “грязное” и “невероятно отвратительное” занятие. Но таких откровенных мало, и главное, своей свирепостью они могут вызвать не менее резкий отпор и неприятие.

            Поэтому хитрый, современный некрофил борется иначе: его задача – сделать секс максимально неудобным и, следовательно, непривлекательным для его участников.


  4. I am asked not to see my father, 96, at Christmas because I could catch him COVID and kill him. Which means, he’ll likely die without seeing any of us again. I said look, I can drive him around in an open car to look at views, we’ll eat picnics and not come into contact with other people and they said no, he will come back with COVID and die and infect everyone. I guess this all has to do with the fears you get when you’re managing something like dorms, senior residences, etc., there are just so many people.


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