Aryan Nation in San Jose

This is from the third-grade math curriculum in California:

What I’m getting from this is that being a white, Christian, healthy, educated US citizen really rocks and everybody else is a loser. Of course, if math is permanently replaced with these adventures in the Aryan Nation’s philosophy, we will all be losers.

11 thoughts on “Aryan Nation in San Jose”

  1. I am confused. I have many questions about this, not the least one is what kind of damage is done to children with this. This looks like a good way to create an inferiority complex in everyone who is not a white Christian male. But the one I cannot get over right now is where is the mathematics?


    1. I’m guessing that the majority of children in the public schools of San Jose, CA is not white. It looks like it’s been decided they are too dumb for math and this is an explanation of why.


      1. Honestly, these guys are worse than the communist party. At least they had a good sense to leave Marxism-Leninism in its own stand-alone class, and not make it a part of the mathematics curriculum. The worst that happened to a math textbook was some nonsense in the introduction about the last meeting of the communist party and a 5-year plan that endorsed teaching mathematics to the next generation of enlightened workers.

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        1. My mom was a math teacher in the USSR. She was chastised for not integrating the party line into her first grade math lesson.

          “But how can it be done?” she asked.

          “Well, you could tell students ’20+7=27, which reminds us of the crucial decisions of the 27th general assembly of the Communist Party of the USSR’ and then talk about that.

          But it’s true that the Soviets never proposed the idea that “colored children” were too dumb for math and that non-white folks like crapping in the streets (as Shaun King recently announced).


      2. Ah, the Bantu Education policy:

        “There is no place for [the Bantu] in the European community above the level of certain forms of labour … What is the use of teaching the Bantu child mathematics when it cannot use it in practice? That is quite absurd. Education must train people in accordance with their opportunities in life, according to the sphere in which they live.”

        –Dr Hendrik Verwoerd


          1. The important thing is not to use offensive language. The term Bantu was determined to be offensive and replaced by Plural at one point.


            As one newspaper out it:

            “Just imagine overseas readers of South African newspapers rolling on the floor in fits of laughter when they read something like ‘The Dube hostel is built to accommodate 10000 single male Plurals.’..That which is not a Plural is a Singular. It is the Singulars who run the affairs of Plurals in this country because the Singulars know what is good for the Plurals.”


  2. Since this is (allegedly) a “Math” course where are the numbers and equations in all this?
    What’s being “added”, “subtracted”, “multiplied”, or “divided” in all this?
    Maybe it’s the “new math” of the 21st century?


    1. Yes, it’s new math. They are starting immediately with set theory. The next thing is to learn about set operations like intersections and unions.

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  3. Quick guide: Almost everyone today who uses words like ‘racism’ or ‘white supremacy’ or ‘privilege’ (non-ironically and non-metalinguistically) has a material interest in maintaining and increasing hostility among races. A large majority of the rest are idiots….

    The words are silly playground chants and do not deserve to be taken seriously anymore….


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