Beach vs Snow

Shit. I’m going to miss the first snow of the season because I’m going to be in Florida.

I mean, yes, great, Florida, I’m really looking forward. But on the other hand, the first snow of the season! In this dumb climate, it might be the only snow of the season.

5 thoughts on “Beach vs Snow”

  1. Have fun in Florida, Clarissa, but please heed this warning: PLEASE STA Y OUT OF THE WATER, AND KEEP KLARA WELL AWAY FROM THE WATER LINE!!

    Shark attacks are up worldwide (perhaps because this year sharks are attracted to warmer-than-normal coastal water that SOME activist types blame on global warming). But whatever the reason, none of your readers want to see you gobbled up: YOUR DAILY COMMENTARY, A PAGE OF SANE ANALYSIS ON AN INTERNET MOSTLY GONE MAD, IS A BEACON OF LIGHT TO THOSE OF US WHO LIKE TO KNOW THAT WE’RE NOT ALONE IN SEEING THE WORLD AS IT ACTUALLY IS!

    So please take adequate care to come back to Clarissa’s Blog alive! Your loyal readers will thank you.

    (And don’t worry about missing snow! Despite the hysterical claims of the climate fanatics, that ugly, frigid precipitation is going to be coming back to Illinois every year for centuries to come.)

    Enjoy your vacation!

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    1. Thank you. That’s so sweet!

      I’ll never forget the first time N and I went to Florida and he went for a swim. I saw a bunch of black fins in the water and started running around helplessly, clucking like a hen because I thought those were sharks about to eat him.

      Of course, those were actually dolphins.


    2. Dreidel, did you just marathon the Sharknado series late at night? Or Jaws? Clarissa isn’t in serious danger of being eaten by great whites. Now, she might want to heed the signs about alligators and she’s definitely ignoring the coronavirus during the ongoing hurricane season, but tiger sharks aren’t looking for snacks. Not right now anyways.


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