Sydney Powell’s TV Commercial

Right after the end of the USSR, when we were still discovering the world of TV commercials, there was this one TV channel that everybody watched. We only had 3 or 4 channels back then, and this one was called “channel #1.” So everybody watched.

One day there was this commercial where there was a black screen and a sombre voice said, “The day will come.” And that was it. Nothing else.

[And yes, I told this story before, I’m not senile. But it was a long time ago, and the story is perfect for this moment in time. Please see the title of the post.]

So it went on for weeks. Everybody was fascinated. What does it mean? What’s being advertised?

Finally, the commercial changed. The screen was still black but now the voice said, “The day will come when I will say everything.”

And that was it.

Rumors were running crazy. People were making all sorts of conjectures. Is it a political statement? Should we prepare for a coup? It was nerve-racking.

The next installment of the commercial appeared a few weeks later.

“The day will come when I will say everything I think about this matter,” announced the now familiar voice.

We spent the next few weeks on pins and needles. The mysterious voice had information! Probably something really important! We were glued to our screens. Forget the favorite shows! We were desperate for a commercial break.

And then the day of the final revelation came.

“Now I’m ready to say this!” the happy voice announced. “The new branch of our bank will open for regular service on Monday through Friday…”

That was the last time that the poor post-Soviet dupes believed TV commercials.

So everything that’s going on with Sydney Powell and the lawsuits – I’ve seen that commercial before.

5 thoughts on “Sydney Powell’s TV Commercial”

    1. It turned out to be one of those Ponzi schemes that ended up collapsing and burying many people. The TV channel was in Russia, anyway. We didn’t have our own television in Ukraine yet, so it was the Russians’ funeral.


  1. Yeah, pretty much how I feel. I want them to have decisive proof that will put the cheaters in jail, so we can have a real election next time. But the constant hinting… doesn’t bode well. Put up or shut up, people.

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  2. You are oblivious to the damning facts right in front of your face. Sydney Powel stated in yesterday’s press conference that the votes in the election were sent overseas to be counted. Foreign ownership of the companies providing the hardware and software used in the election is evident. How are you not enraged by foreign involvement in this election? It is malfeasance of the highest order to permit our votes to be sent out of the country, and in a sane world that alone would be sufficient to nullify the election results and force a reelection to take place. Rudy Giuliani stated very clearly in the press conference that the President’s legal team do not have to rely on proving that the hardware and/or software used in the election was compromised. He stated that they have enough evidence of old fashioned vote fraud to overturn the election based on the shenanigans that occurred in key swing states. Too many people in this country get their news as filtered by the lying mainstream media, and those who believe that they are adequately informed by bloggers and “credible” conservative commentators are making a major mistake in not reviewing the underlying source materials themselves. Even the venerated Tucker Carlson has proven himself to be either an incompetent hack or fake opposition, and perhaps both. His commentary that Sydney Powel presented no evidence of voter fraud in yesterday’s press conference is so absurd that it makes one wonder if it isn’t necessary to completely disregard everything that he has ever said. Anyone who failed to watch the entire 100 minutes of the press conference has no business commenting on its contents, and even some of those who supposedly watched lack the critical thinking skills necessary to make the watching worthwhile.


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