The Story That Matters

The completely fake story about student debt forgiveness was injected into the news cycle in order to get us all to jump at each other’s throats. This allowed our smarmy overlords to hide a much more relevant story about how Biden is colluding with the Republicans in the Congress to pass an immigration amnesty bill.

Part of the Great Reset plan is to lock you up and start dragging around large masses of people. That’s why in Canada, for instance, you can’t drive from Montreal to Halifax to visit your sister but Justin Trudeau is promising to increase immigration numbers immediately in a staggering proportion.

Canada has a great immigration system, and Canadians are generally very welcoming to immigrants. But a dramatic increase in immigration when so many people are out of work and small businesses are being wiped out is designed to make locals detest immigrants.

Let’s stay vigilant and not let them distract us from truly important stories. Immigration amnesty will wipe out the Republican party as a concept. Republicans in Congress are colluding to make this happen. Let’s stop them before our two-party system will be comprised of the party of AOC vs the party of Ilhan Omar.

5 thoughts on “The Story That Matters”

  1. “colluding with the Republicans in the Congress to pass an immigration amnesty bill”

    I think the US is getting de facto Open Borders (under some different name) which might take some Biden voters by surprise… I would predict massive voter’s remorse but I think a lot of them will just blame anything bad that happens in the next few years on Trump – as they’ve been conditioned to.


    1. Partisanship means they are advocating on behalf of their voters. Amnesty has support in the low tens. Among both Democrats and Republicans. This is one of the most universally detested measures.


    2. ” “colluding”? That’s bipartisanship!”

      Doesn’t Biden have a long history of bi-partisanship, always in the interest of fleecing the voters?

      The Democrats ideal! A senile old kleptocrat!


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