Look at the Numbers

In Canada:

71% of people who have died of COVID have been over 80.

89% have been over 70.

96% have been over 60.

.03% have been under 39 — the people most impacted by the lockdowns. https://t.co/IsUEmS8jXQ

Can anybody explain why we lock up everybody and not the people who are actually in danger?

It’s Final

When students who never took my classes before hear that I will give an open-book multiple-choice final exam with a 48-hour window to answer 20 questions, they feel very happy.

When students who took my classes before hear this, they say, “Please, professor, not that. Anything but that!”

There’s a crucial life lesson in this. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

Tucker vs Little Totalitarians

Conservatives throwing hissy fits because Tucker calmly stated an undisputable fact of objective reality (that he asked somebody for a comment and was refused) shows that totalitarianism is extremely attractive to both sides of the political spectrum.

We have only got one last remaining honest journalist who isn’t a partisan lackey, and we can’t deal with the trauma. Ooooh, he said something I don’t like! I need a safe space from that terrible realization!

The worst ones are those who say that Tucker “betrayed our side.” He’s a journalist, people. He’s not supposed to have a side. The whole problem here is that every journalist, every news source, and every platform has taken a side. It shouldn’t be this way. We shouldn’t be manipulated by the people who give us news in a way that serves “their side.” They should stick their side up their anal cavities when they come to work like I stick my political beliefs up mine.

Tucker has twice invited a sleazy bastard to the show who believes in “color revolutions.” I hate that sleazy piece of utter ridiculousness. But I deeply respect Tucker for giving space for everybody to speak, even the people I personally don’t agree with.

Crush your inner totalitarian, folks. The problem is inside. This is a society that is sick with longing for totalitarianism. I hope we get better soon.

Baby Cookie

There was one last chocolate chip cookie left, and both Klara and her Dad wanted it.

“I should eat the cookie, Daddy,” Klara said. “I ate two cookies before, and they were the mommy and the daddy of this little baby cookie. She misses them and wants to join them in my tummy.”

“But I ate two cookies before, too,” N said. “They are from the same family, so the baby cookie won’t be lonely in my tummy.”

“Those were the grandparents,” Klara explained. “A baby needs her mommy and daddy more.”

Of course, she won that argument and devoured the cookie. I’m only glad that I detest the very idea of cookies, so I don’t have to participate in the cookie debate.

Foreign Servers

The story about foreign servers reminded me of another funny but true analogy.

In 2011-12 there were massive anti-Putin protests in Russia. The biggest ever. The worst part for Putin weren’t the protests. He forbade the media from mentioning them, which made the protests completely irrelevant.

So people started filming the protests and uploading them on YouTube. Putin, who is what we call a person of limited intellectual horizons, was rabid.

“What is this YouTube? How dare they spread the information we specifically said not to? Make them stop!”

Some poor bastard tried to explain that YouTube is a private company and you can’t tell them what to do.

“What do you mean, you can’t?” Putin wailed. “Go there and shut it down!”

“Well, we can’t,” the poor internet-savvy bastard explained. “They aren’t here.”

“Where are they, then?” Putin asked.

“Well, erm, I guess, I don’t know, Silicon Valley, right? So probably in California,” was the explanation.

“California?” Putin blared. “This disinformation is spread by Americans?? It’s the US Department of State that organized these protests! I knew it!”

That was how Putin’s diseased fantasy that the protests had been organized by Hillary Clinton was born. Of course, the protests had nothing to do with Hillary Clinton. The Obama administration was extremely friendly and conciliatory towards Putin. But Putin, as I keep explaining, is not only dumb, he’s completely Soviet. His only response to any mishap in Russia is that Americans must have caused it.

And get this, the poor bugger started officially to demand that YouTube and Facebook… move their servers to Russia or he’ll forbid them to operate in Russia.

One day, I’ll tell you, folks, how Putin tried to use Twitter. These people are the dumbest bastards in existence. For now, though, every time I hear people fret about “foreign servers,” I can’t help thinking about this hilarious but completely true story.