Baby Cookie

There was one last chocolate chip cookie left, and both Klara and her Dad wanted it.

“I should eat the cookie, Daddy,” Klara said. “I ate two cookies before, and they were the mommy and the daddy of this little baby cookie. She misses them and wants to join them in my tummy.”

“But I ate two cookies before, too,” N said. “They are from the same family, so the baby cookie won’t be lonely in my tummy.”

“Those were the grandparents,” Klara explained. “A baby needs her mommy and daddy more.”

Of course, she won that argument and devoured the cookie. I’m only glad that I detest the very idea of cookies, so I don’t have to participate in the cookie debate.

5 thoughts on “Baby Cookie”

  1. Clarissa, I’ve let a lot of disagreements slide, but this one cannot be ignored: Cookies are the greatest food ever. C is for cookie and that’s good enough for me!


    1. I even hate the word cookie. Hate looking at them, brrr.

      But I know how you feel. I can’t peacefully coexist with anybody who doesn’t recognize that borscht is the height of creation.


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