It’s Final

When students who never took my classes before hear that I will give an open-book multiple-choice final exam with a 48-hour window to answer 20 questions, they feel very happy.

When students who took my classes before hear this, they say, “Please, professor, not that. Anything but that!”

There’s a crucial life lesson in this. If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is.

5 thoughts on “It’s Final”

    1. “wouldn’t students simply exchange answers?”

      When they do that it’s usually the wrong answers…. I also do open book tests (for several reasons) but I’d rather walk through a kerosene fire with razors on the floor than give a….. multiple….. choice test. I absolutely despise those (partly because I know how easy it is to game them – at my peak I could take a multiple choice test only having the vaguest conception of the subject and at least pass, and often get A’s with only a hazy understanding). I remember one class where I attended class paying no attention whatsoever, crammed for an hour immediately before the test (4 or so of them) and had a 95% average….


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