Look at the Numbers

In Canada:

71% of people who have died of COVID have been over 80.

89% have been over 70.

96% have been over 60.

.03% have been under 39 — the people most impacted by the lockdowns. https://t.co/IsUEmS8jXQ

Can anybody explain why we lock up everybody and not the people who are actually in danger?

5 thoughts on “Look at the Numbers”

  1. If you got everyone over the age of 60 to stay home, with their jobs being taken over by people younger than them, it would turn academia and the public service well and truly upside down. People who have spent a quarter of a century brown nosing and back stabbing just to get that job would be displaced, probably permanently, and have their lives destroyed.

    It would be, without a doubt, the greatest troll and revenge ever conducted against the worst of the worst in the baby boomer generation by everyone who has had to put up with the totally rigged political and economic systems that they ushered in.


    1. Actually, and this is very interesting, I have every professor over the age of 55 teaching in person, out on campus, and mocking the corona madness. The ones who refuse to come out to work are all in the 30-50 range. Gen-Xers are the worst generation. I’m embarrassed of belonging to it.


      1. Please do not refer to people in their 50s as Baby Boomers. It’s wildly inaccurate and offensive to people who, like me, received none of the financial benefits of that generation and spent our entire teen years and early 20s being told by the wider culture that nothing we did would ever measure up to the accomplishments of the Woodstock Generation (copyright symbol). As much as I hate my own generation, no one will ever top the Boomers for pure venality, narcissism, and self-regard. They and the War Babies were gifted a thriving economy and culture and left behind a smoking crater.


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