Where’s the Flu?

The average positivity rate for flu this week of the year is 4,20%.

This year it’s 0,15%.

Anybody have a different explanation than the painfully obvious one?

P.S. The painfully obvious one is that COVID cured the flu, of course.

9 thoughts on “Where’s the Flu?”

    1. Really? The flu kills children and young adults. You are really saying this? Let a few thousand toddlers drop dead to save some 90-year-olds?

      Have you looked at the number of pediatric flu deaths?

      I’ll take COVID over flu absolutely any time.


      1. Then why have you been complaining for months?

        Sarcasm aside, you and el are probably talking about the same thing – the lockdowns.

        As others have said, those would likely reduce flu infections and therefore deaths as well. So if you really cared about reducing pediatric flu deaths, you’d be pushing for us to shut down every winter.

        I’m not being completely serious, I’m just taking your statements to their logical conclusion.


  1. The painfully obvious one is that COVID cured the flu, of course.

    It could also be that more people than usual have gotten a flu shot this year, because of the fear of covid. It could also be that masks and social distancing do a better job of preventing flu than of preventing covid. Another possibility is that flu shots protect against flu, but make people more susceptible to covid, although this one reeks somewhat of conspiracy theory.


  2. Less mingling plus mask wearing. Australia (which is our benchmark for the severity of the upcoming flu season, as well as where we get info on which strains are circulating and make the vaccine accordingly) reported basically nonexistent flu season during our spring/summer on account of less mingling plus mask wearing.


  3. It’s easy to argue that the SARSCOV2 virus epidemic caused people to change their behaviour such that they ended up avoiding the flu more successfully than they did COVID because the flu is nowhere near as contagious.


  4. I’ve read that a dominant virus can prevent another virus from taking hold. And I’ve seen the study from the department of defense earlier this year that does in fact say that the flu shot increased incidence of coronaviruses in those who took it, but lessened other viruses.


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