Cheapening the Holocaust

The Holocaust memorial in Maitland has added an exhibit on George Floyd.

This is the perfect illustration to my first post of the day. These bastards cheapen the Holocaust like this, and it no longer means anything.

When you contrast this casually contemptuous attitude with Clive James’s 900-page primal scream over the world-ending tragedy of the Holocaust, it becomes clear that we have given over our power to name things and make meaning to the most stupid, venal, and cruel amongst us.

True Patriots

So Trump got rid of the Patriot Act, thank goodness. (He promised to veto it after the Dems in Congress tried to renew and expand it).

How fast will Biden bring it back, you think? Within a month from inauguration? Within two?

Isn’t it just great to go back to business as usual?


So I finally watched the first episode of the new season of Law & Order: SVU, and it’s great. Of course, everybody sees whatever they want but the characters’ haphazard and infrequent use of masks can only say one thing: masks are stupid.

The show also makes it clear that the BLM consists of complete idiots, creeps, and rapists. And the only real consequence of its existence is to screw the Asians.

Excellent show.

Waking Up

Our obese and corrupt governor sent every resident a hysterical text message yesterday, ordering us to stop going to work or anywhere else and stay inside.

The local* restaurants, gyms, salons, bars, and stores are all open and filled with happy customers.

A group of students wrote to say they are spending the break in Florida.

People are finally waking up.

* Meaning, not the chains. The chains are doing something weird, placing four-wall tents outside and pretending that sitting inside outside us healthier than sitting inside inside. I’m guessing our governor has invested into a tentmaking company.

COVID Research of the Day

A huge study out of China demonstrating, for the umpteenth time, that there is no such thing as an asymptomatic spread of COVID. This has been known for months but the value of the study is it’s enormous volume.

Lack of asymptomatic transmission is one of the reasons why masks are completely useless.

The study also demonstrates that “cases” are a useless metric.

Before anybody starts on the “but it’s China” tangent, we have known this for months because every study from everywhere has come up with the same conclusions.

Today’s Stalinists

Alexei Rykov, Stalin’s faithful helper, said once, “We will only have two political parties in our country. One will be us and another one will be in jail.”

Stalin executed Rykov in 1938 but Rykov’s thinking is very much alive. Ibram Kendi is a dedicated follower of this Stalinist’s mentality.

A Real Fascist

The problem with the casual use of the word “fascism” is that I’m failing at impressing upon the students the gravity of actual fascism.

In my course on the history of Spain, I find myself helplessly repeating, “But he was a fascist! Like, a real fascist. A REAL fascist, you know?”

And the students just shrug because it means nothing but “not completely woke.”